Nepal Khabar Online February 19, 2021

Three climbers who were missing while attempting to scale the world’s second highest mountain, K2, were declared dead, by the Pakistani official on Thursday. With this announcement, search efforts were called off. The search operation were also called off due to the bad weather in that area. It was risky to operate rescue operation due to the harsh weather.

The three climbers, one from Pakistan Ali Sadpara, Jon Snorri of Iceland and Jaun Pablo Mohr of Chile, lost contact with their base camp while attempting their ascent of the 8611 m.

Sadpara’s son, Sajid was grateful to the official as they tried their best to find the group, who went missing on Feb 5. He said that they might had an accident when they were descending. He was also with them but was forced to call it off because of his oxygen tanks malfunctioned. He also thanked the public for the support to his family.

In winter, the speed of winds on K2 is about 200kph and temperature drops to -60 degree Celsius.

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