Nepal Khabar Online February 22, 2021

After the winter storm, millions of Texans are without safe drinking water. As per the officials after the electricity bills have spiked and power cut they are suffering from many problems. Boil water notices were lifted for about 5 million of the 14.9 million people who were told that their water is not safe to […]

Nepal Khabar Online February 19, 2021

According to the article published in Journal of Experimental Biology, it is seen that high fat and sugar can lead to decrease in gut bacteria. The study done by UC Riverside researcher is one of the first to show a significant decrease in the total number and diversity of gut bacteria in mature mice fed […]

Nepal Khabar Online February 12, 2021

There has been cases of food poisoning in USA due to salad and wrap foods which are sold in US grocery chain. The parasite cyclospora can cause nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss and other problems. The symptoms may occur after a week but the illness can last longer. Similarly there have been cases […]