Nepal Khabar Online February 22, 2021

Italy’ ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an Italian policeman, and their driver were killed when United Nation convoy was ambushed on Monday. According to Italy’s foreign ministry they were part of convoy of MONUSCO, the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in Dr Congo. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio expressed his sorry over […]

Nepal Khabar Online February 21, 2021

Kuwait’s Civil Aviation Authority on Saturday announced that it is extending the ban for non-Kuwaiti citizens until further notice due to coronavirus. Citizen are still allowed to enter but have to spend a week in a quarantine at a hotel and another week at home.

Nepal Khabar Online February 16, 2021

Zimbabwe received its first coronavirus from China. About 200,000 doses were donated by china, which arrived in the capital Harare on Monday. A further 600,00 doses from China will be arriving in early March, as per information minister Monica Mutsvangwa said last week. Zimbabwe’s Vice-President said that the vaccine will be first given to health […]

Nepal Khabar Online February 16, 2021

Myanmar, which is also known as Burma, with majority people speaking Burmese, got it independence from Brain in 1948. It was ruled by armed forces from 1962 until 2011, when civilian rule started with new election. Military sieged power on 1 February and declared emergency. They have been demanding a re-election saying that previous was […]

Nepal Khabar Online February 12, 2021

India and china have started to pull their army back from the disputed areas, where they were confronting for a long time. They started to back down from Wednesday as per the official statements provided by the government. There were many soldiers which were backed by other fighting equipment’s like artillery, tanks and jets. They […]

Nepal Khabar Online December 2, 2020

Farmer suicides in India was considered national catastrophe, as the average number of suicides was about 160 every day in Maharashtra in 2014. The national crime records Bureau of India has reported about 296438 farmers have committed suicide since 1995 many from Maharashtra. India is an agrarian country with 70% of people directly or indirectly […]

Nepal Khabar Online December 1, 2020

‘No man’s land’ or commonly referred to as Dasgaja in Nepal is the border between Nepal and India. Dasgaja is adjacent to Jamunaha village on the Nepali side while Rupaidiha is on the other side of the border. Since years, citizens from both countries have been living in the temporary makeshift tents and shanties at […]