Nepal Khabar Online February 18, 2021

Tens of thousands of front line health care workers will likely to get the first round of shots, which will be followed by 3.7 million in March. It is likely to be launched on Wednesday. It is still uncertain when the rest of the population will get the vaccine. On Wednesday, 8 facilities of Japan will initiate the vaccine, and by the end of week, it is going to be extended to all 100 vaccination sites.

Japan, which has third largest economy in the world, and also member of G7, is the last nation to approve COVID-19 vaccine. Japanese Administrative Reform Minister Taro Kono, said that Japan started slowly to check if the resources are sufficient for the speedy distribution of vaccines. Even though, we have started slower, thinking it would be better and more effective.

According to the recent survey by Japan’s largest daily newspapers, showed that 29% of people said they would “immediately get the vaccine if it is free and available, while 62% will wait and see for some time. Another 8% said they don’t want to get the vaccine.

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