Nepal Khabar Online February 12, 2021

There has been cases of food poisoning in USA due to salad and wrap foods which are sold in US grocery chain. The parasite cyclospora can cause nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss and other problems. The symptoms may occur after a week but the illness can last longer.

Similarly there have been cases in India where many people were admitted to hospital due to food poisoning from packets that were distributed for a program. Around 500 people had attended that function and taken the foods.

There have been cases of food poisoning in Malaysia which was caused by contaminated eggs and buih which is tradition pudding in Malaysia. There have been many cases like this and the rate has been increasing throughout the country. The department of health have already provided and enforced standard operating procedures for home based food providers to maintain consumer safety.

It is necessary to follow a simple yet effective rules while we are having food, which might hamper your body. When eating in restaurant always check if they have any problem in the past related to food. It is necessary to check if the food are properly cooked or not. If they are undercook or smells return the food right away. It is necessary to check if the place is clean or not. These basic rules can be a life saver.  

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