Nepal Khabar Online December 2, 2020

Due to coronavirus most of us are inside our home. All our plans and dreams were put aside so that we could be safe. No one had ever imagined to live inside a house like this for more than a year now. There is rising concern of mental health and wellbeing as well as feel isolated and demotivated. 

Here are some of the tips that might help to feel more motivated or to feel normal again.

  1. Make a routine of what you do at home. Routine helps you to stay positive and motivated. Keeping records of your regular habits can help you remember what you might forget and what you need to do. 
  2. Exercise regularly. When you are outside it was not that necessary to work out as your body is in constant motion. But when inside your house for long time, it is necessary to do some exercise and warm your body. Doing some simple flexibility exercise, stretching and doing yoga will keep your mind and body healthy. 
  3. During lockdown you might feel depress or emotionally weak. But you need to understand that it is normal and you have accept it. You should talk with your family and friends even though it is virtual. It will help you to keep positive state of mind. 
  4. If possible stay in sun for few hours. Early sun is good for health. So if it is possible to stay in balcony or in roof in morning it will help you keep away from negative emotions from social media as well as help your body gain more energy. 
  5. Read book, develop some hobby that you can do inside. 

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