Nepal Khabar Online February 19, 2021

According to the article published in Journal of Experimental Biology, it is seen that high fat and sugar can lead to decrease in gut bacteria. The study done by UC Riverside researcher is one of the first to show a significant decrease in the total number and diversity of gut bacteria in mature mice fed an unhealthy diet. They said that it is similar case with the human kids.

These microbiomes are the bacteria as well as fungi, parasites and virus that live inside a human or animal body which are useful to our body for stimulating immune systems, breaking down food and helping synthesize key vitamins. In health body there is balance of pathogenic organisms, but with the unhealthy diet these balance is disturbed and body can be more susceptible to disease.

  1. Monica P. McNamara, Jennifer M. Singleton, Marcell D. Cadney, Paul M. Ruegger, James Borneman, Theodore Garland. Early-life effects of juvenile Western diet and exercise on adult gut microbiome composition in miceThe Journal of Experimental Biology, 2021; jeb.239699 DOI: 10.1242/jeb.239699

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