Nepal Khabar Online February 18, 2021
Wooly Mammoth fossil skeleton on display at the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL

International team of researcher recently found molars from three different mammoth specimens in northeast Siberia. According to the study published Wednesday in Springer Nature, two of them were more than one million years old, which was done through the age deposits from which the teeth were collected. One specimen, named Krestovka, is approximately 1.65 million years old, while another named Adycha is around 1.34 million years old and the third, Chukochya, is 0.87 million years old.

According to the Love Dalen, professor of evolutionary genetics at the center of Paleogenetic in Stockholm, this DNA is incredibly old and as old as Viking remains and even pre date the existence of humans and Neanderthals. The oldest previously sequenced DNA was from an ancient horse hound to live between 760,000 to 560,000 years ago, collection in 2013, according to the paper. In July, a well preserved woolly mammoth skeleton was discovered in a lake in northern Siberia.

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