Nepal Khabar Online February 21, 2021
Plastics wastes

 Plastics are everywhere now a days. They are widely used in materials and are vital components of all modern technologies. Recent research have found a way to breakdown the plastics back to its molecular components.

The new methods worlds without extremely high temperature making it more energy efficient and higher recovery rate than the process which are used right now. According to the research published on Nature, plastics can now be more easily recycled and can be done in sustainable way.

According to the research team, energy efficient chemical recycling of polyethylene like plastics are possible by coupling with a very high recovery rate. To do so, the chemist used breaking points on a molecular level enabling a deconstruction of the chain in to smaller molecular building blocks.

Research tem demonstrated that this chemical recycling on polyethylene like plastics based on plant oil. The recycling stage requires temperatures of only about 120 degree and can be performed on mixed plastic as they occur in waste streams.

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