Nepal Khabar Online February 20, 2021
Texas State Capitol: North side by night

Due to the unprecedented winter storm, millions of people are in dark and bitter cold in Texas. Whole state is covered in snow and ice. Due to this reason there was increase in demand of energy, which might led to power outages in those areas. Nearly 4.5 million were without electricity on Tuesday and by Wednesday it was over 3.3 million according to the

The power is the combination of natural gas, coal and a nuclear plant which was not sufficient to meet the demands.  More than 30 people died due to the cold. At least 13 children were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning at Cook Children Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas hospital officials said.

Texas wasn’t the only state with power issues. Other states like Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio and Oregon were also having some power issues.

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