10 essential oils for cold sores

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Nowadays, we may find hundreds of articles online claiming the benefits of essential oils for cold sores. Then there’s the question of whether they’ll work. To gain an answer to this issue, we must first comprehend what COLD SORES are.

What are Cold Sores?

Herpes labialis, often known as fever blisters, is a common viral infection. These are little, fluid-filled blisters that usually appear around your lips. These blisters appear in clusters, and when they rupture, a scab form that lasts for many days. The majority of essential oils for the treatment of cold sores are readily available on the market.

This disease affects around 3.7 billion individuals. Cold sores are caused by HSV ( HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS). Around 90% of the world’s population has at least one type of HSV. HSV is divided into two types. HSV 1 AND HSV 2 are two types of herpes simplex virus.

a) HSV 1 affects the mouth and skin of our faces.

b) Our genital parts are affected by HSV 2.

cold sore
Fig 1: Cold Sore


  • Burning or pain within the mouth,
  • Itching
  •  blister formation
  •  The formation of a scab around the sore is more likely to form around the lips, mouth, and even the nose and cheeks.
  • Transmission Method
  • It spreads through kissing an infected person
  •  exchanging utensils, towels, and other personal items with an infected person,
  • Unprotected sexual intercourse

Essential oils

There is currently no effective treatment for HSV. Once you’ve been infected, other elements such as sunshine, stress, and hormonal changes will cause you to become infected again. A few essential oils for cold sores can be found here to provide relief. However, there is a simple and quick solution for stopping these sores in their tracks, and that remedy is using essential oils. Essential oils for cold sores are natural oils produced by distillation that have the properties or odor of the source from which they were extracted.

Benefits of Using Essential Oils for Cold Sores?

These essential oils are beneficial for cold sores since they may quickly enter the skin and are easy to apply around the diseased area. Furthermore, because it is a natural therapy, it is less likely to produce severe, undesirable, or dangerous side effects than other pharmaceutical treatments. This therapy has grown in popularity among people with a range of health issues over the years.

These cold sore essential oils can be used as an inhaler or an infuser. Typically, 2-3 drops are plenty. These oils can be used in conjunction with antiviral drugs that have been demonstrated to work.

We’ve listed some of the most popular oils below.

1) Peppermint  Essential Oils for Cold Sores

For many decades, peppermint essential oils for cold sores have been used for medicinal purposes. The majority of people take it to treat colds and flu. It is now one of the most extensively used essential oils for the treatment of cold sores, including herpes, due to its antibacterial and antiviral qualities.

There is some evidence that peppermint essential oil reduces viral activity, although it may take a few weeks to fully recover. This oil is worth having in your home or on your essential item list because it is unlikely to slow down the healing process of these lesions.

2) Lavender Essential Oils

There is some evidence that lavender essential oils for cold sores play a significant impact in lowering inflammation. Lavender Oil, on the other hand, has no relation to herpes. Because of its characteristics, this oil is becoming increasingly popular. Furthermore, it is due to its capacity to treat various minor skin disorders such as rashes.

Since there is no evidence that lavender essential oil for cold sores can treat these infections, no research has been done. However, it can be used in conjunction with antiviral drugs that have been demonstrated to be effective. When using these essential oils for cold sores, stay awake because only one or two drops are needed, and it may cause you to go asleep sooner. However, using this essential oil for cold sores regularly may cause complications.

3) Tea tree oil

Melaleuca Oil is another name for it. It’s a powerful essential oil for fighting viruses, germs, and even fungi. Furthermore, immune stimulants are well-known for reducing redness, swelling, and discomfort. This essential oil is commonly used as a carrier oil for cold sores. A very small amount of this oil, however, should be applied directly to wounds.

Furthermore, always dilute this tea tree oil with a light carrier oil such as coconut oil, otherwise, it may cause harsh effects or a burning feeling on the skin where it has been applied. Apart from that, you must exercise caution and limit your application to twice per day.

Fig 2: tea tree oil

4) Essential Oils of Eucalyptus for Cold Sores

Several lab experiments of various cell structures demonstrated that while eucalyptus oil can not heal sores, it can help to reduce the duration and severity of sores or herpes.

 5) Cold Sores and Clove Essential Oil

Clove oil is commonly used as an anesthetic, but some study says that it also reduces pain. As a result, it is used as a natural therapy for toothaches in most regions of the world. Undiluted clove oil, like other essential oils, is detrimental to damaged skin. Dilution with carrier oils can help to increase its tolerance level. This oil, like the other essential oils for cold sores mentioned above, is not a proven treatment for cold sores, but it may help you relieve pain caused by the sensation.

6) Cold Sores and Chamomile Essential Oils

Finally, it is one of the most effective essential oils for cold sores and HSV. According to research published in 2008, this oil is effective against drug-resistant Herpes virus strains.

7) Essential Oil of Oregano

It’s also one of the most commonly utilized and popular cold sore home treatments. It aids in the faster healing of cold sores. Simply dab a small amount of diluted essential oil on the cold sore and cover it with sterile gauze.

8) Essential Oil of Lemon Balm

Lemon balm oil has been shown to have some actions that can reduce herpes virus penetration into cells by 96 percent.

Which substances cause cold sores?

HSV, which causes cold sores, is frequently triggered by particular chemicals. Agents may allude to women during their periods, injury-related infection, sunlight, and so on.

Is it possible to self-diagnose cold sores?

Cold sores are usually self-diagnosable, but if you’re having trouble with them, you should see a doctor. In some circumstances, signs and symptoms alone are sufficient to make a diagnosis.
They may, however, request a blood test. Furthermore, they are frequently performed on persons with weakened immune systems, such as those receiving chemotherapy or AIDS treatment.

Are they less expensive than using prescription medications?

Although the price of these oils may appear to be excessive, they can be stored for longer periods and utilized for other reasons. Clove oil, for example, can be used to relieve toothache.

Are vitamin deficiencies related to sores?

Canker sores (gum sores that are less communicable and don’t appear on the lips) have been linked to several studies. A lack of folic acid, zinc, or iron can cause this. Canker sores may be aggravated by calcium deficiency

How do you quickly get rid of this COLD SORE?

Unfortunately, other than maintaining a strong immune system, no treatment can entirely cure it. The use of essential oils may speed up the healing process.