Apple Delays One of Their Best Software Idea Launch- Learn Why.

September 6, 2021 by No Comments

Some privacy groups are backlashing Apple for introducing child safety features. So, Apple is now delaying the launch of this feature after feedbacks from the customers. Also, the employees label this feature as a critically important feature. 

They want to make improvements after some privacy concerns got raised. How long will they postpone the launch is yet to be concluded. As you all might know. The company faced some criticisms after they made the announcement in August. 

To be precise, this feature revolves around a child sexual abuse material detection system. Furthermore, this feature will first scan the photos that are uploaded in the iclouds automatically. Anyway, the plan to introduce this feature to the public was made in thoughts of humanity. 

But many misunderstood. As you all know, there are lots of pedophiles and predators who use communication tools to recruit and exploit innocent little children. So scanning the pictures before uploading them to clouds help spread child exploitation. 

However, since Apple’s feature only took measures to iclouds so many of the predators would still roam around free. So, Apple now intends to extend its scanning feature. So they might have to come up with a totally new strategy. 

The head of child safety of NSPCC, Andy Burrows also said that he wasv= very disappointed at the delay. This feature was something that could have saved many children and would make a lot of difference in society. 

 God knows how many kids could they save due to this feature. And to think that this solution is not launching anytime soon makes Andy disappointed and a little furious. 

And although he understands that they just want to adopt some kind of proportionate approach that scans for child abuse photos. Their new launch also focused on privacy preservation than children’s safety. 

And what difference would it make if you aren’t able to track the person or if you track the wrong person. Or if you don’t know about the deeds at all? 

Whatever it ism experts are not satisfied. But I have something else in y opinion. 

It’s true that Apple faced a huge backlash. But they didn’t have to just delay their launch. Rather they could launch this software then they could focus on developing a better version. At the end of the day, building another version takes a lot of time. And so does add things to the readymade ones. 

So, while they focused on remodeling their software, maybe they could have launched the software first. If not a huge, at least a little difference could be made. ANd they can just release a version 2.0 after they sought the underlining issue. 

Whatever the case, Apple has not released more details on what they really plan on doing. And they’ve made the public focus on the criticism and backlash people gave to their software. 

But, since this was such a brilliant idea, I think they can only make it better. Let us know what you think about this situation. And do you agree if this Child Safe From Abuse  Online will make an impact in society?

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