Black Hole new mystery with new parallel universe

Okay so, how cool is this? Apparently, there’s some light seen from behind the Black Hole. We always think about the parallel universe or just another world like our earth you know. 

And this new light that’s emerging from behind the black hole is just perfect to support my theory. Don’t you sometimes think space is just so magical? As magical as the ocean of course, but I’m a little scared of the ocean. 

You never know what’s lurking down there. And I feel like I will a one hundred percent drown in the vast water. 

Okay yes, not the point. The point is, we believed that the black hole is off-limits. And that it is the darkest place in the world, let alone any kind of light pass through it. 

However, Stanford University’s astrophysicist named Dan Wilkins says that we see the X-ray echoes for one reason. Due to the black hole that wrapping in the space. And that bends lights which twists the magnetic fields. Causing the occurrence of light as you can see. 

I am not really a science person so, yeah, that’s that. 

But, how come the so-called point of absolute no return is producing lights? To support my theory, we have something exciting behind us. 

Imagine you are being sucked by the black hole. And then either start time travelling. Or get into an unfamiliar universe. How interesting would that be? 

Getting into the scientific explanation, black holes have some kind of disk. That disk is all made up of gas and dust. Likewise, the magnetic disk gets extremely hot which leads to magnetized plasma. Only after electrons get separated from atoms. 

Nonetheless, as the magnetic field twists and twists, it reconnects once again after breaking. Once again, this process connects to the eruption on Sun or something. The corona on the black hole hypes up the electrons and gets filled with energies that finally shine really bright. I’m talking about so bright that it can be seen from behind the black hole. 

Common guys, would you rather not stick to my theory? I can even give you three reasons why. One, because it’s really easy to understand. 

Two, if you hate science and like an easy way out to these sorts of things, my theory got you covered. And lastly, three, because seriously it’s cool. Who doesn’t want to travel to a parallel universe? 

The black hole I Zwicky 1 is 800 million light-years farther in space. And it’s about 10 million times bigger than the sun. It is amusing and fascinated by these kinds of stuff for a not-so-science person like me. 

But I guess we all are in some kind of way huh. 

But this unique and never-before-seen light is certainly something to think about. And while the scientists do their jobs. Which is actually figuring out the real source of the light. 

We can make a theory, like a conspiracy theory. And then just enjoy, that takes zero effort and is perfect for this situation. 

What say?


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