Climate Change Hampers Brains In A Fatal Way.

We are exploring many possible factors that are affected due to climate change and global warming. But when are we going to actually see that our brains are in much damage as well? 

Let me make myself clear first. I don’t mean that we must take care of our surroundings and environment because we humans are affecting only. But it’s just that I want people to see how we’re harming ourselves as well. 

And honesty, some people out there will try to make a difference if it’s human health that’s at stake. It’s at least good knowing what’s happening anyway, right? 

Anyway, jokes aside, climate change is really a huge concern. It is bigger than you think it is. Let’s not forget the unnecessary amount of rainfall, then the drought and not to mention pollution and ecological changes. There’s just so much. 

From water we drink to food we eat, everything’s in sabotage. And doctors prove that our brains are seriously in jeopardy if this keeps on going on. 

As you all know hyperthermia is a term and you get that due to extreme exposure to heat. You may know this, but I will say it for the sake of it anyway. Hyperthermia can be fatal. No lies here when I say the world is getting hotter every summer. 

According to some doctors and researchers, heat will cause strokes, seizures, Alzheimer’s disease, migraines, dementia, and whatnot. 

 Extreme exposure to heat will cause Tau Pathology and oxidative stress. These are key components of dementia. Likewise, SOD (superoxide dismutase) decreases as neuronal cells heat up. This ends in the death of cells. 

Heatstroke is pretty easy to get. And we all might know this from experience. Especially those kids who grew up in a school that has a long assembly. At least two kids are always suffering from heatstroke in a year. 

Now let me explain this in the simplest way possible. The scientific study provides various observations which are pretty hard to explain. But what we can tell you is that climate change is certainly taking a toll not just on our physical health but mental health as well. 

Climate change is also one of the reasons why kids these days develop mental instability diseases. Such as depression. Me being the kid I referred to earlier, have a bad headache problem. 

I also suffer from migraines and I get normal headache attacks at times anyway. So, yeah you can take it from me that what I’ve mentioned till now is all truth. 

And hey, I wouldn’t try to lie to you okay? 

Okay, this is just about brain health, can you imagine how long I can talk about the ecosystem and other infectious diseases? It’s too long to even start. 

And the fact that schools never teach us these things to the extent kids really start worrying is just screwed up. As I grow up. I realize the importance of these things. And how much our little brains would actually appreciate learning these, to begin with. 

Anyway, again going back to the topic, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Zika, West Nile, and Chikungunya are fast pacing diseases. And yup, they’ll become more infected as the year passes by.

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