Covid-19 Patients Have High Risk Of Developing Alzheimer’s Says, Doctors.

It’s been over a year and the symptoms of Covid 19 just get crazier. Prior to this year, we saw the patients of Coronavirus fighting black fungus and white fungus as well. And now, it seems people fighting this virus for a little too long. Develop memory problems similar to Alzheimer’s disease is high risk. “Before this, I was working on my master’s, now I can do basic math, addition and subtraction, I can read at a fifth-grade level. Former nurse are still working every day even though she was a patient. She also says that she has it hard trying to figure out how to eat. How to use fork and utensils seems impossible which embarrasses her.

It’s scary how one day you can be perfectly fine. And the next thing you know, you caught the virus. You’re at the Intensive Care Unit and you may have dementia. Cassandra Hernandez, a 38-year-old woman caught Covid right about a year ago along with some other staff from the hospital she worked at in San Antonio. She says this is how she figured about her situation, “I went home after working a 12-hour shift and sat down to eat a pint of ice cream with my husband and I couldn’t taste it.”

Doing things that need your brain to function, no matter how slight it is. Gets chores for the poor woman. Doctors think that the Coronavirus might have some bigger obstacles to deal with. It’s crazy how this only started as symptoms of loss of taste and the common cold. Now, we’re counting if we get dementia. After spending two weeks in the hospital quarantined. Hernandez goes back home.

But, she doesn’t feel better. In fact, she feels worse. Also, she feels disabled, and the big dump of fatigue and tremors did not help at all. Seeing how bad Covid 19 patients might really have. Scientists and or doctors from all around the world have come together. And, they’re studying patients like Hernandez herself. They want to figure out what’s really happening. You can watch the researchers from San Antonio in Denver from Monday. They will share their findings with patients like Hernandez.

Likewise, they will attend the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. Dr. Gabriel de Erauquin shares that PET scan before and after of a man with Covid 19 is very concerning. It’s almost sure that the older generation from the age of 60 or 70 who deals with severe Coronavirus disease get Alzheimer’s. And for other serious patients, memory loss is bad. It even overlaps with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Doctors, you bet, are as scared as the patients. Similarly, the doctor also says that constant loss of smell cries and reeks of trouble. He said, “Persistent lack of smell, it’s associated with brain changes not just in the olfactory bulb but those places that are connected one way or another to the smell sense.” Also, loss of smell directly affects the brain’s olfactory bulb. So, smell, more than taste, is a greater risk for Alzheimer’s.

Another doctor told us at today’s conference, “If one understands how the immune response to this virus is accelerating Alzheimer’s disease, we may learn about the impact of other viruses.” This means that there is only so little the doctors know as well. And what can be scarier than a pandemic. And no one knowing anything about it? We hope this article finds you in a safe place. If you’re not fine, take the safety measures as needed. Be safe, and take care everyone.

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