Cultural value of the country , China

The cultural values of a country influence its national psychology and identity . Similarly Chinese cultural is very famous worldwide due its unique cultural food , dress and many more . Well , people in China are precisely more strict and emotional towards their own cultural values and have immense respect for it. Similarly for Chinese people there are many cultural values that influence their psyche .

Cultural values of a country influencing Chinese people

1.Harmony : One of major cultural values of a country that influence Chinese people is , the core value harmony . Harmony means ” proper and balanced coordination between things “and encompasses rationale , propriety , and the compatibility . Rationale refers to acting according to objective laws and truths . Propriety indicates suitability and appropriateness. Well , the value of harmony advocates “harmony but not uniformity”. Modern Chinese society tries to maintain harmony between humankind and nature ; between members of different communities ; and between mind and body .

2.Righteousness : It refers to justice and correctness. There are not only individual benefits but also collective and social benefits . All people should seek what benefits both the individual and the society . As two Chinese sayings put it , “Everybody is responsible for the rise or fall of the country (tianxia,xingwang ) “. If the country suffers foreign invasions and perils , the people should “expel the foreign invaders and resuscitate the Chinese nation , brandishing their weapons and struggling for the glory of the country .

3.Courtesy : Courtesy stresses modesty and prudence . It is about respecting laws and preventing misconduct . Traditional Chinese Culture respects the importance of rites and has special rites for various occasions , such as the emperor’s sacrifice to heaven , the common people’s sacrifice to ancestors , weddings , funerals and courteous exchanges.

4.Honesty : Honesty refers to trustworthiness , integrity , and credibility . ” People should obtain their fortunes reasonably and properly through their labor , ” said Confucius , and not through fraudulence and cheating .

5. Loyality : Loyality stresses service to the motherland . It is an emotion and a value that evolves form blood ties and means that in cases of foreign invasion citizens should exert all efforts to protect their country as they would protect their own homes . Loyality also means faithfulness to family and friends .

Cultural values that affect China’s foreign relation

The Chinese traditional cultural values of harmony , benevolence , righteousness , courtesy , wisdom are embodied in China’s diplomacy through the concept of harmony , the most important Chinese tarditional value .

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