Deuba wins vote of confidence to become PM

As we all know Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba is once again appointed as the prime mister of Nepal. Fifth time so far. Just a couple of days ago, we saw Mr. Sher Bahadur thank Mr. KP Oli for his hard work over the years. 

Likewise, the man also mentions that political parties are no enemies of one another. And that no matter what, all of the political parties should stay close with ground relationships and friendship. Which, I know is a little weird coming out of Nepali politicians. 

Keeping all the let’s fight together and make a better future talk that is definitely not coming true. Prime Minister at that time even asked for a Vote of Confidence. So, we can see where that was really headed. 

According to people I’ve known and met, they speak in oppose to Nepal’s beloved Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba. Maybe you’re one of them maybe not. All that remains is the man actually won the votes and now he’s once again our Prime Minister. 

Here’s a list of the votes that Sher Bahadur Deuba acclaimed with the Vote of Choice. 

Total Votes- 249

Positive Votes aka in support of Sher Bahadur- 165

Negative Votes aka votes against Sher Bahadur- 83

If you did the math, I know you’re thinking, “so where on earth is that one vote went?” Well, let me tell you, my friend. The remaining 1 vote is the vote that was cast neither for him nor against him. 

I wonder what would the government decide if this category had the majority of votes. On the next note, Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems the happiest with Sher Bahadur’s seat as Prime Minister. 

Jokes aside, Narendra Modi congratulates the Prime Minister of Nepal with no delay. Also, Prime Minister Deuba and Modi decides to take the fastest route to vaccine supplies. Apparently, the two Priministers spoke on a call, and Modi promised to provide vaccine aids as soon as possible.  

Sher Bahadur Deuba writes, 

“I had a cordial telephone conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi this afternoon. PM Modi assured early supply of COVID vaccines to Nepal.”

Not something related but just want to pitch in and wish everyone a happy Bakrid. This upcoming holiday provides many happy smiles on the faces celebrating this Bakrid. 

Likewise, on the next note, Nepal is one of the leading countries in UN peacekeeping. This time again, Nepal is the second-highest in “troops contributing countries.” Amongst the five thousand five hundred and seventy-one troops, Nepal also contributed two hundred and ninety-four female officials, How great is that? 

I can’t say certainly about the political embodiment. I have no idea if all of the citizens are proud of our Nepali government. 

But I can say for sure that all of the Nepali citizens are proud of our Nepali Army and peacekeepers for making the country shine. 

We give our heartfelt thank you. Along with Nepal police and APF. Also, the government officials because common they have done at least something right?

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