First official Transgender To Break All The Stereotype In Olympics

Kimberly Daniels is the first-ever transgender official in the tokyo Olympics. She actually thought she would transition after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was over. But, all thanks to the long pandemic due to Covid 19. Kimberly is the first and only open judge in the Olympics ever. 

Likewise, she says that although it is very scary and nerve-wracking as a trailblazer. As motivated and proud Kimberly is of herself, we are too. Kimberly says that she understands what it’s like being the first-ever transgender woman in the Olympics world. But she is very happy as she can finally be who she is. With no altercation. 

In an interview, Kimberly revealed that she was very scared to share the news with the world. But the fact that people must understand that we are humans after all, and we deserve to be respected for who we are keeps, her strong.

If you didn’t know, next week, Laurel Hubbard, a weightlifter will be competing as the first open transgender athlete in Olympics history. How great is that!

 Daniels says that her dream for a very long time has been becoming a woman. And although she thought of transitioning only after judging the Olympics. The delay would not become an obstacle to her only dream. 

And we are very happy and proud of Kimberly. She also believes that there are many other transgender athletes and staff present in the Olympics. However, they are just scared of coming out. 

Hopefully, the world takes this news well giving other Queer communities in any sector of the world a path. A path of flowers that makes All LGBTQ+ communities come out and accept themselves. 

No matter who you are, you shouldn’t hide in your own shadow. 

Haley shared that she is very proud of her dad for the transition. She also says that Kimberly is her dad nevertheless. While her mom is her mom. 

But that doesn’t change the fact that her dad is a woman now. And that also doesn’t mean she will respect or love her dad any less. 

Not to mention how happy Daniels is due to the support she is getting from the Olympic officials. After coming out, she even received a reception from all the Japanese volunteers. 

But Laurel is not receiving the same amount of support for her transition. Which is a little harsh thing to do and very biased thing to add. But, she’s still doing good. 

I have to say, much better than those who can’t come out. The pressure is high and openly being who you are while facing some criticism is better. At least better than wanting to reveal to the world who you are. But you cannot due to such huge pressure. 

We have all of the warmth and support for all the athletes and others will also get motivated to come out because of these two courageous people.  

Richard Budgett speaks in defense of Laurel. And he says Laurel is not breaking any kind of law. Likewise, he also reveals that no one has the right to defy the fact that Laurel is now a woman.

In fact, we all should be proud of not only Laurel but Kimberly and every other Queer community who comes out today, tomorrow, back at the time. And at any other time coming or going. 

After all, sounding a little different will not make you any lesser of what you think you are. 

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