Gingivitis: 5 main symptoms

Gingivitis is early form of gum disease. Gingivitis is the result bacterial in build up in mouth lead to gingivitis. Symptoms of gingivitis is redness in gum, tender, swollen leads to gum problems. so regular checkup is needed.. regular checkup to dentist can prevent from gum diseases or gingivitis..if left untreated than its lead to perodontistis… gingivitis is cause due to bacterial growth in mouth…certain bacteria cause plaque and calculus in mouth . dental plaque is a dense, non mineralized, complex mass of colonies in a gel like intermicrobial matrix.. treatment of gingivitis brushing ,flossing regularly ,regular checkup to dentist,scalling, Gingivitis is a chronic inflammatory process limited to gingiva. It is defined as inflammation of the gingiva in which the junctional epithelium remains attached to the tooth at its origin level. The prevention of gingivitis by daily and effective supragingival plaque control is necessary to arrest its progression into periodontitis.