Government So Poor They’re Stealing From Citizens ?

The Nepali Government really is need to think about their citizen. Social Security Fund, which was introduced with good intention doesn’t seem to have good impact on the staff of banking sector. It seems that something’s not right about this.

How is it fair that a person works his whole life for that and they just take it all away? Many employees stick to the job with low pay due to the benefit at least. And the government trying to stip the poor hard-working employees with their benefit is no joke. 

The court not being able to put a strict rule, in this case, is kind of in favor of the hard workers. But this has to come to an end one day. And if it sides the evils, they’ll be devastated. 

In foreign countries, taxes may be high but at least the political parties look after needed things. But Nepal’s political instability is at its highest. 

I am not asking Nepali Political parties or the government to pay health bills, pay school fees of the kids and all. Which happens in most of the countries abroad by the way. But you know what they can do? 

Not leave the poor workers naked! I know people who work for 13,000 rupees a month. And they have a family to feed. These workers get the job by contacting. 

And you know when someone gets a job through another person they know, they don’t get paid a penny more than they’re hired at. Yup, even if they work forever, that’s the dead end. 

Some years ago, the banks paid the medical bills of the family members of the employee as well. But, this rule changed to only employees. And no one complained. 

Nonetheless, as I mentioned above, those poor staffs have only one hope. The SSF. Of course, it might sound ridiculous to you. 

But this is also a privilege that most of the workers don’t get in Nepal. And even if it gives a little hope they stick to it. And no, I am not just blabbing nonsense. You might not know this but I am someone who loves listening. 

As my dad is an employee at a bank when I visit his workplace with him. I meet many other staffs there. From drivers to normal accountants. And many of the staff tell me how social security is so important to them. 

My dad and I were talking about this situation. And as we calculated, he might lose around 13 lakhs and a little more if they deduct it today. 

So, this needs to come to an end. Is our government that broke that they have to steal from the poor citizens? 

Is all the money they’ve kept in their pockets unbeknownst not enough for them? Enough is enough. And it’s time to speak. 

The staff protested as they could, but it went down the drain as well. Anyway, maybe they need to be even more strict. But it’s easier said than done. What do we say, Nepal government turns a blind eye no matter the situation. 

You remember all the We have a government that can’t care less if anyone dies while protesting. They’ll protect their tiny ego anytime against the citizens that made them. 

Anyway, what do you say about this situation? 

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