Greatest Art fair Urban Breaks in process in Seoul

The youth of today’s generation is starting their love for ar investment. And to follow through the path, COEX started the biggest Urban Breaks art fair. The sole focus in this fair is the attention of Gen Z aka Generation Z and the Millennials. 

Last year as well, the Urban Break Art Asia was a huge success. We also witnessed an artist drawing live art. The live art is still there, and the artist is Park Han Sol. Likewise, Daniel Jang, the CEO of Urban Break, said that this year is for Gen Z’s interest. 

You all know how art fairs and museums are, right? Normally they are very silent. And we just enjoy the art and sculptures. But since the team is aiming for Millennials and Gen Z’s, guess what? This year’s fair is actually pretty upbeat with noise. 

There’s a way you can catch Gen Z’s attention. Also, the fair has over 1200 pieces that you can enjoy. From 100 artists. Don’t expect the booths to be the same though. Because you will also witness that all the booths are pretty unique now. 

And the displayed arts are in the exquisite booths with upbeat music. And probably very enthusiastic Gen Z’s and Millennials. These art displays are divided into further forty galleries. 

According to some sources, Millennials are investing in high amounts starting from the pandemic. In my opinion, this might also have something to do with the pandemic. 

And well, it is, Since we are all stuck inside our homes, and not to mention Millennials and Gen Zs like being inside. This created a perfect opportunity for the group to do something. While they still sat in their beds. 

Let’s not lie. This also has something to do with the internet. Along the months of the pandemic, I see a lot of posts for appreciation for Arts and sculptures and so on.  It’s actually a thing of relief. 

Because you know how content creators are in such huge numbers. If that keeps on happening, the arts and culture part of the world will almost disappear. But given the time, I have noticed that Millennials and Gen Z actually are in a greater amount who appreciate arts. 

In fact, as a Gen Z, I know lots of friends who are so much into art. That they fought with their parents to pursue what they want to actually do. As for me, I am not an artistic person at all. But I do have an eye for pretty arts, but who doesn’t right? 

Anyway, some sources reveal that the group purchase and investment units are priced from 10 thousand to 100 thousand, and 1 million won.

Urban Break Art Fair has hundreds of contemporary artworks. The CEO also says that at the entrance of the fair, an 18 meters art screen will greet us. 

That screen represents young art collectors and is kind of like a tribute to them. You can also find new concepts such as non-fungible tokens and NFTs. 

This is just the second time this art fair is in process. And the enthusiasm and interest from the public is immaculate.

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