Hate behind the LGBTQ community

December 9, 2021 by No Comments

What is wrong with being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender? Why are some people against them? The hate crime for an LGBT is twice as hard as a hate crime on an average human being. Hate on LGBTQ is not racism it is straight-up hate. And the hate they receive whether through sarcasm or their friends or through online, leads them to not accept themselves hence depression and lastly, suicide.The reason behind the hate is simply because of the old believes of Adam and eve.

Adam and Eve and hate behind the LGBTQ.

The holy Bible states that humans were born because of Adam and Eve, Adam being a boy and Eve, a girl. The flow of Adam and Eve will we broken if same-gender people started daiting and getting married. Even the Holy Bible itself does not have any room for LGBT people.It is 2019. People need to feel like themselves. People should get freedom. But, still, so many LGBT people are out there, hiding their identity. At least 1 out of 4 men is gay. This means, according to the world’s population, there must be more LGBT people. People are hiding their identity with their own family and friends. They are bullied and tortured when they reveal their prefered identity.

Why do they have to suffer for being themselves? The LGBTQ community, being the victim is the ones who are suffering. Another reason for them getting hate is that they won’t be able to continue the DNA of their family.Simply being called ‘You’re gay’ is and a huge insult to us. Even though not being a hater of the LGBT community, each time we talk about this subject, we become sensitive. It’s even uncomfortable to call gay people Gay and lesbian Lesbians. The reason behind it is the world’s view on the LGBT community. If we are more open and the LGBT community becomes more accepting of themselves, then homophobic people won’t be lasting for a long time.

Give respect, take respect.

Hence, the LGBT community must get more priority and support so that they can actually believe in themselves. The world will be peaceful when seeing a boy-boy couple, girl-girl and boy-girl couple will be a normal sight. When a boy dressing up and wearing makeup is not weird at all. Only then the world will be peaceful.There are more than two genders. People identify themselves as They/Them. It is our responsibility that we respect their pronouns. There as trans people.

A Trans woman is a Woman and a trans man is a Man. LGBTQ has a huge spectrum. Bisexual means attraction to both man and woman. Being a Pan means you fall in love with all genders i.e man, woman, gays, lesbians, trans, etc. Hence, we must do our proper research in the LGBTQ community and we should really respect every person and their gender and use their preferred pronouns. We should treat the people from LGBTQ as normal people and we should stand upnfor them. We should support our friends and family. Being a part of LGBTQ is a beautiful thing and we must respect that.


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