How do kpop artist perform on their period

I always wonder how female idols from the Kpop industry deal with their periods and cramps. You just can’t think about it. It’s very nerve-wracking how these idols have to perform no matter what. And then they also have to shoot variety shows. It seems really hard and uncomfortable. 

But you know what? Talking about periods and menstrual cramps is taboo even if you’re so famous. I heard someone say that they take birth controls so that you don’t have to go to the washroom in the middle of filming. 

And no, if you think it’s because they want to be more professional, it can be the case. But what really is the reason for getting to such a major extent is that. The female idols don’t want to see confused staff. Whatever that means. It’s just so crazy. 

Many idols don’t even get their periods regularly due to their malnutrition body, and excessive training. This is straight-up abuse. Why has no one ever complained about this? 

It’s understandable that they are idols. Which means they must perform when they should. And they must go to shoots and tv shows. But at the cost of their health? It’s ridiculous. Someone should start a petition to free these poor women from such abuse. 

Anyway, in the next note, you guys might wonder what these idols use pads or tampons. My guess is tampons or menstrual cups. Because the length of their dress is so short, they can’t be comfortable with pads on them. 

Once, one former kpop idol told us that when she was on her period. She couldn’t stand her cramps. And her manager or the head of the company she’s from asked her to deal with it herself. 

It’s very cruel and rude whoever you are. I can just imagine what the poor woman went through. Now shall we talk about why all of this is even more ridiculous? 

Why are the idols, male or female both deprived of bathroom breaks during shoots? The staff is confused that you have to go to the bathroom? Are they not human???

Okay, I am getting a little worked up. Let me just take a few deep breaths. 

Moving on, can you imagine how hard it is to keep track of your period when it’s so irregular? And do these companies know for one to four days of money, they’re literally killing these idols alive. This is really brutal. 

And I will say it again. If anyone has a petition, I will sign it with my 100 accounts. It makes me think about Sulli. She just wanted a baby and look where she is now. The poor woman is dead. 

The stress these idols go through along with a diet that leaves you absolutely hungry is enough. But how could the higher-ups tell these ladies to suck it up? 

It’s like telling a depressed person to not be sad anymore. Or a schizophrenic person to just ignore the voices in their head. Yes, I get it, they are famous. They have to please millions and millions of fans. 

And most importantly, they need to earn money. But you can’t just ignore their health. It’s not like they chose to have their periods. Can you tell a cancer patient to just suck it up? 

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