Is E-sports future of New Nepal gaming

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Introduction to Esports

To those, who don’t know about E-sports, it is a form of competition using video games. It is basically form of organized, multiplayer video game competition, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams.

Individual groups of gamers coming together to enjoy their hobby in an organized and competitive manner. It has grown over the years into a billion-dollar industry. Increasing audience and craze for Esports all around the world are making traditional sports a little jealous.

How its Going in 2021 in Nepal ?

Due to a lack of proper management and services, Nepal has been viewed as one of the least potential markets for the Esports industry. However, the scene has drastically changed and we can see rapid growth of the esports industry. As of now, the consumer mindset has shifted from casual games to competitive video gaming, as well as multiplayer gaming.

The growth of technologies, and the internet along with smartphones and personal computers has helped to sharpen the rapid growth of the Esports industry in Nepal.

While talking about the growth of the Esports industry in Nepal, we must give credit to PUBG: Mobile which has changed the whole scenario. Before PUBG there was no proper Esports organization and gaming community. As of now, we can see the number of Esports organizations, lots of athletes, and a gaming community.

Nepal got its first official tournament which was organized by PUBG. DRS(Da Real Soldiers) gaming a PUBG rooster, became the first-ever registered esports organization of Nepal.

Career in Esports in Nepal

Almost every parent in Nepal is pushing focus towards the traditional education system of Nepal, where students are forced to read and pass exams. The ultimate aim is to get a job or go abroad. So, in this particular scenario, the concept of booming gaming esports in Nepal gets a little corner seat.

There is a good future ahead in the gaming industry, but we are not being able to calculate it right now because of our traditional definition of career and money. Here is a list of some jobs that are well paid in the Esports industry.

  • Professional Gamers: It is one of the most exciting job in the Esports industry. If you are skillfull enough and show dedication to improve the game, then this will be the perfect fit for you. Pro athelets are masters in their respective games and plays for esports teams. According to Ailkenhouse, the average pro player makes $74,000 per year. In context of nepal, Saurav Acharya aka Leon from Skyligyht Gaming has become the highest earning athelet with $5,526 as of today.
  • Esports Journalism: Esports journalism is an exciting career for those who are interested in writing news stories, opinion pieces, features, and articles on star players, tournaments, and general news about the eSports industry. You can also become the commentator or host on the Esports events.
  • Team Managers: Team manager plays important role in the industry. They develop business strategies, work along with pro player, analyze the market and manage esports events.
  • Refree or Admin: Refree or admin monitors the tournaments and ensure whether the players are following the rules or not. Admins must have a good knowledge of teh game rules and ensure that the game is played ethically.
  • Streamer: Gaming will embrace live streaming and increase audience. You can create a solid and diverse fan base while real time streaming of gaming content. Either you can show off your skillfull gameplay or entertain the audience, it depends on you.

Esports is a booming industry. We must stop the traditional way of choosing a career and let our kids decide to choose the careers of their interest. Let your kid play video games, watch them if they are willing to show extreme passion for it, then you must motivate them, help to shape their passion into a career. Esports in Nepal still takes more time to be accepted as a future career. 

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