Is Federalism in Nepal good ?

Nepal’s federalism is not that old. Of course, it was established in 2008. But with a really long process of constitutional things, it started in 2018. However, people are already thinking if federalization was wrong. 

And if we should demolish it already. According to some resources, in Nepal, there are 761 governments in 3 spheres. Likewise, there is one federal government, one government for each province aka 7 for the province. And 735 locals. 

These governments are yet to complete the five-year plan or contract. Yet this looks questionable. Is the federal system really relevant? Rabindra Mishra Bibeksheel Sajha’s President raised a similar question. 

He thinks that it’s time to scrape federalism out. As you all know, everything has a negative and positive response. 

And it’s the same with Mishra’s proposal. Half of them did not believe in federalism from the beginning. They all agree with him. 

And the other half are against his proposal. A lawmaker named Durga Paudel reacted on this matter. He says that he is very happy to see Rabindra’s proposal. As he is also a part of the group that opposes federalism. 

They believe that federalism is only making the country worse and worse. They also say that the Nepali government system will never succeed. And the federal system is nothing but a burden for the country. 

But if we give it a thought, if there is no federalism then can you imagine the chaos? It’s hard enough trying to unite the already united parties. 

Anyway, what I believe is that having an opinion is not a problem. But, the problem arises when any problematic opinion officiates. 

I mean, if they all unite and start a protest and rallies. The world will be in chaos. And by the world I mean Nepal. 

Likewise, Madhesi leaders think otherwise though. In fact, they want even more autonomy if that’s possible. Other leaders say that previous leaders shed blood and tears for a fantasy to come true. 

But what we have today is not federalism but a joke. If they demand a stronger federal system then it’s understandable. Wanting this to all fail is something else though. These leaders believe secularism and federalism are two must-have components for a new constitution. 

As they believe without the new constitution we might as well just fail the country and its people. I have to say though, I agree with strong federalism. 

Our constitution, government, the federal system, everything has loopholes in it. Maybe with a stronger political leader or a strong federal system, the new constitution will bring many smooth changes. 

I would say if the federal system is out of the window, our country will get divine. But the truth is, without a bigger constitute like federalism. The smaller constitutes are never staying put. Let me give you an example. 

You can leave papers lying on a table with windows closed and they might not scatter. But one judge and they’ll fly all over the room. But think of federalism as a paperweight or even a paper clip.

With a paperweight, it will not scatter. Ad with a paper clip it might fall to the ground but you still have everything in place. Federalism is like the paperweights or the paper clips. So, what do you say? 

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