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The kingdom is one of my favorite South Korean series ever. I’ve been watching this bloodthirsty series for so long and the prequel’s trailer is just epic. What’s even better is that we have more seasons to watch. But we also have a special prequel Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

Before starting, let me just give you a heads up. This article contains spoilers ahead. So, watch it at your own risk. The second season ended with such a cliffhanger. Lee Chang the ex Crown Prince and Seo Bi went north. They went on looking for a resurrection plant right after they came face to face with a horde of zombies. 

Right then they arrive at a village. The empty spaces confuse two warriors and they come upfront with Ashin. A living woman is standing in a cage between the zombies. Jun Ji Hyun is really such a beautiful choice. She’s also one of the favorites I just love the woman. Every role she gets in is iconic. 

However, Jun Ji Hyun aka Ashin isn’t a regular of the show. So, it’s obvious that fans are baffled how and why on earth is she there. The main question is who really is she? An apocalypse master? Or just someone like our leads? Looking for an end to all this? 

One thing that season two confirmed to us is that the resurrection plant is a conspiracy. It is a scheme the Chinese set against Joseon. But soon, we find out that there is more to this than just what they learned. 

However, only after watching the prequel, we can finally get more insight into Ashin’s origin. And why is she important for the plot. But you’re free to share your thoughts in the comments or in social media. Theories and conspiracies are the best part of the shows to learn. 

Jun Ji Hyun is seen in a lot of other movies and dramas for her iconic characters. One of the most iconic and my favorite character ever is Cheong Song Yi. From My Love From Another Star. No one has ever been able to beat that character until today. 

Jun Ju Hyun mentioned that she couldn’t be more than honored to have been part of such a great show in an interview. And that she loves Kingdom and being part of it was dream-like. Likewise, the actress also revealed that she prepared herself for anything the character Ashin has to portray. 

In the Seoul Global conference, Jun Ji Hyun told, 

“I tried to focus mostly on how to interpret the personal anguish and hurt, which we in Korean refer to as ‘Han’ and how to interpret that emotion into wanting to avenge for the whole land of Joseon.” 

Kingdom: Ashin of North is set to premiere next Friday and runs for ninety-two minutes. Also, the series is adapted from a webtoon and or web novel named Kingdom of the Gods. Kim, Eun Hee is the creator and I recommend that you all check it out if you haven’t. 

If the show is such a hit, imagine how col it is to read and look at the cool arts it really originated from. 

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