Mental Health : Dealing with panic and anxiety attack

Since mental health is an issue we can’t ignore, today I have decided to try to give some tips. Now, I want you to remember these tips aren’t from psychiatrists but from me. Exposing myself on the internet feels weird. But since I don’t know you and you’ll probably never know me. I’ll give a little background to my mental instability. 

 I am diagnosed with a series of mental disorders from Borderline Personality Disorder, to ADHD, PTSD, and Schizophrenia as well. Now, as you all might know we have no medication for BPD. And Schizophrenia is practically incurable.

I only have therapy, CBT, DBT sheets, and myself to rely on. Of course, managing my symptoms are hard. But with some of the tricks, I am going to share. It will help you guys to overcome many things. 

Trigger Warning, I also have a bad self-harming habit. And I am two days free from self-harm. 

So, how did I stop self-harm? It is actually a really long process. For years I tried but failed. However, recently, I just wanted to. I know this doesn’t help much but I was tired of feeling the things I felt. 

It also has things to do with my therapy visits and self-awareness. But I did start with taking a band and smacking it in my hand to start with. I am not someone who cuts their arms. For some obvious reason. 

But taking a hairband and red food color on my wrist. Then smacking my wrist to create sensation and visual effect had my self-harm in control. Although I failed at this in the beginning, I eventually overcame it. 

Now talking about panic attacks and anxiety attacks. I started therapy just recently. Which means my symptoms were so unmanageable. And I get panic and anxiety attacks so randomly. 

Also trauma attacks, they’re the hardest to deal with, for me. 

When I’m in my home, it’s a little easier because I can cry and show what’s in my head in my room. I can also get some ice and put it on my palm. I prefer palms because they help me not harm myself while I also focus on the cold sensation. 

Breathing works phenomenally. But, rather than closing your eyes and just breathing, try to keep on repeating that you love yourself. And that everything is going to e alright. Also, that you’re strong you’ve gone through that a lot and you will make it again. 

Make sure to focus on your breathing a lot because that really helps exceptionally. Do not, I repeat, please don’t let yourself hyperventilate. 

Talk to anyone you can. I know it is really hard to do this. But write about how you feel somewhere. If a paper isn’t your thing, find a closed one and talk to them about anything. It just doesn’t need to be about your attacks. 

If you can’t do so, write your thoughts in a group. I recommend a Facebook support group for mental health-related stuff. I promise you they are the kindest souls there. 

You can use all those techniques even in public. If you’re walking, just make sure you find a spot to sit at. And if you can do nothing, just breathe. And encourage yourself with positive thoughts. 

I hope these tips help on some level.