More Women Means Better Political Empowerment. But Where Are The Women?

Participation of women in politics is a crucial part. But over the years, no matter what. We see so low amount of women in the political world. And, whenever I see any kind of political debate, I remember the old saying. Women’s voices belong in the kitchen only. 

It’s important women participate in the higher decision-making process. Prove me wrong but I believe if we had more women voicing in political decision making. There will surely be more severe rules for rapists and even sexual harassers and abusers. 

In 2018 and then straight in 2020, women’s participation in the Democratic Central Committee arose. How delightful it is to see the headlines cherish women in political power, right? 

But it baffles me how little the participation of women is all around the world. So little that we can count them on all our fingers possibly. And no, I am not saying that people should vote for women because we have so few of them. Neither am I saying that men should participate less. 

But it is true that women should have more chances. And the core reason for this seems to be a lack of knowledge. So, why are the lady and the women of the world not encouraged to take such a big step? 

I realized the importance only after one email I got recently from my college. It was for a special two weeks program for young women to participate in some kind of political orientation. When I was a kid, I used to just straight-up hate politics. 

But now, I figure how important it is for women to be more aware. After all, if the majority of view is from only men, things will run according to one set of thinking. The same goes for it if the majority are women. 

In Nepal, the thirty percent right to women only after Bidya Devi Bhandari was appointed in 2015 for the higher decision making. Article 43 states rights for women that came to massive change all thanks to one woman. 

As a student of Sociology, one thing that my professor said still sometimes struck me. Not until long ago, I used to think the government doesn’t really do much and they’re just looking for money in their pockets. 

Which is really true. But what is also true is that the only times the government really looks to work on an issue. There’s just so much to manage. And only one rule to implement. My professor said that it’s hard taking in control of thirty-five students in his class and just 35 of us can’t come to agree with each other. How can a couple of hundreds agree with just one thing? 

It’s almost impossible to satisfy all of them without causing dissatisfaction. So, where I am getting at is, is the fear of criticism that higher-ups stop women to take the lead. 

Because boy I think women are better to handle such things. Of course, this is a topic of debate. But once again, as a student of social work and sociology, I’ve learned to state my opinions without fear. 

If you agree great if you don’t great as well. Why do we need to latch onto one another for opinions, right? With that being said, do you think the participation of women in this political empire is just too low to be true? 

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