New rule of Mandatory vaccine and health pass in France


The Coronavirus pandemic is still ruining every part of our day-to-day life. Some countries are on lockdown while some just recovered and are trying to function. But, it’s always amusing to see how all of us recover no matter how hard we’ve fallen down. 

This time yet again, we need to give all of the virtual and physical aid we can to France. The French government is implementing a new rule and measure to battle COVID-19. Starting from the month of August, health workers must get the COVID vaccination. 

Likewise, people must have a health pass in some areas. If you are unknown yet, the health pass is proof that one is properly vaccinated. And that the sole person is COVID Negative. Let’s get to see the changes France has made in the new plan. 

So, any company that won’t follow the rule will pay the fine of 45,000 euros.

But, the fine will start from 1,500 euros and apparently increase as per the offense increases. I do think that this is really great rule to apply. 

And that it should be something to implement worldwide. Because this will provide surety that every worker is safe in a particular company. Meaning that a majority of citizen is safe ensuring a safe working space. 

France Fights For Saftey.

Moving on, a source says that the hefty amount of money is only to help implement the law. But, I do not really understand but it’s said that the fine rule will not implement immediately. As per spokesman Attal, first, for some period of time, we will see the run-in period of this rule. 

I cannot tell you for real when this apparent run-in period will end. Whatever the case, we can expect to see some solid change. Let’s hope that France will recover from its new wave of COVID heat. 

Not too long ago, the French cabinet had a meeting  where Attal gave a statement mentioning, 

“We have entered the fourth wave of the epidemic.” Which companies and offices must include the new health plan you may ask. 

So, according to the spokesman, the new implementation of health passes should require in many venues. Such as trains, restaurants, cinemas, planes, and bars. This is was implemented only after the whole parliament had a vote. 

However, that is not the only thing implemented. It’s mandatory that people stay quarantined for at least 10 days if tested positive for COVID. Citizens started neglecting their health so this decision is mandatory. 

What can the government do when people stopped taking vaccination and other measures and the infection rose up to the sky. Rising infection means grave health danger. Especially with the black and white fungus scare. 

This is a really scary time. And, we ask you all to be safe from the threat. For your own safety, please wear a mask and use sanitizers. We hope along with France other countries to implement better plans for the safety measures. 

One problem still lingers as the citizens question why on earth is such a rule necessary. And the people are having it hard to adapt to such environment. 

But, at the end of the day, what needs to be done- needs to be done.

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