One Direction Reunion And New Album Release Rumors.

I have to tell you this, I am a meticulous person. But, I always come back to One Directions’ songs and think about all the good times we had since X-Factor. And there are times I just wish they were releasing a song. 

But, even though I feel such feeling such strong feelings, I came to terms. With myself that they will not come back. But, recent news might shock you just as did to me. Some insiders revealed that One Direction might come back together as one sometime later this year. I doubt we can see Zyan there but the four of them will be. 

It’s crazy how the 2010 X-Factor gave us one of the greatest boy bands of all time. So popular that even after years and years of not being together, they steal lots of hearts. 

My reason for losing hope of their reunion is that they all are different. Each one of them has such beautiful songs. But I’ve noticed none of them share the same pattern. So maybe the group just didn’t suit them. 

But if they’re really coming back then I’ll be proved wrong. And you know what? I will never be as happy proved wrong as this like EVER!

Coral’s John Hill gives his insight and this is what he shares, 

“But our betting gives them strong hope that the boys will get back together in 2021 as we make a reunion odds-on to happen.”

I don’t really know but they talked about One Direction released an album before 2022. Directioners, are you ready? I sure am~! I just cannot wait. Made In the AM was just so perfect. The songs in the album never felt like goodbye. And if we are getting such a great reunion I am glad I could wait for such long years. 

This feels so eccentric, just like the F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion. The predictions also tell that Directioners can witness One Direction winning a Britt Awards in 2022. The chances being three to one. 

Moreover, Hill also added, 

“We are also not ruling out a Brit award for the boys in 2022 if they do get back together this year.”

Can you imagine how big this comeback and reunion is about to be? It is still so sad that Zyan Malik might not be a part of the comeback. And the fact that we have no idea how their relationship right now makes it harder to guess. 

Plus, you know how things can go in front of the cameras and in real life at times right? Like who would have guessed Ross and Rachel aka David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston were crushing on each other for real. 

And yet after two decades, their relationship never went forward. Imagine how great of a couple they would be. If all five of our boys reunite for a comeback, this reunion will be a banger. Greater than anything ever. Even Lord of the Rings! 

Also, just like me, Hill predicts that Zyan isn’t a part of the reunion. And I think most of us know why. And most of us are sad as well. But what’s done is done. And we can only hope that they are on good terms. 

What song is your favorite from One Direction? And what genre are you wishing to hear? I want the title song feel-good music and the video can be something like Kiss You’s video. Yo know where it seems like they’re just all having fun and it’s actually really fun. 

Or, it can also be like Best Song Ever.

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