Restaurant , A new trend in Kathmandu ?

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We can see there has been a huge growth in the number of restaurants and hotels at K town . Either be it Nepali food which includes diversified cultural foods like newari, tharu etc or be it international food cuisine like italian , mexican , korean , chinese , japanese . Well, we have people with different preferences and taste in our small city. Similarly some prefer local Nepali foods while other prefer international cuisine. As there are many targeted audience of every kind of foods the people are ready to invest in any type of restaurant with with unique idea and taste .

Variation in Restaurants

Kathmandu should be definitely called the city of restaurants . As there are foods for every type for each type of people with various age groups and financial position . Moreover , we can take the example of latest trending restaurants like Sasa twa located in Kritipur , Kathmandu which serves typical newari food . The place is famous for its ambience , food and hostpitality . As mentioned above this place has targeted the people of every age group . Also we have Binus Laphing located in Patan which serves laphing with variety of taste and keema noodles . The craze of this place is unbelieveable and due to its unique taste it is pack most of the time .

Furthermore, we have places really famous for its tea and ambience ike Chiya Ghar and Chiya Adda . These places have targteted the younger generation of audience . Talking about international cusine restaurants one of most popular restaurants of K town is Hangkook Sarangh which serves Korean food with authentic korean taste with great hospitality and services . Likewise there are many retsaurants which are quite good.

Reasons for this rapid growth

  • The increasing use of social media has created huge hype of restaurants among the audience . Increasing use of apps like instagram and youtuube has led people to visit every new restaurant to taste the food , or to click photos which is a trend nowadays .
  • Food vloggers are the major tool of marketing for restaurants .They have thousands of people who follow them so what happens is their one post and review about any place can influence many which makes a huge crowd in the mentioned place .
  • Vlogging Trend is also one of the major reasons for growth of restaurants in Kathmandu . We can mainly see a lot of youths who are involved into vlogging . So they need every new place a new day for their content . So, In this way they are earning money and influencing the general public which is as a whole a profit for restaurants .

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