World’s Largest Sand Art of Lord Jagannath


Sudarshan Pattnaik makes the biggest sand art making the best use out of Puri Ruth this year. Sudharshan is an internationally acclaimed sand artist and this year his sand art of Lord Jagannath’s chariot has claimed him the title of World’s Biggest 3D Sand Art. 

You can also check out the beautiful art on his official Instagram or Twitter account. All of his arts by far are really pretty and also internationally acclaimed. Moreover, the artist captioned the art as so, 

“On the pious occasion of #RathaYatra, we have created the biggest 3D sand art chariot (Nandighosa) of Lord Jagannath- 43.2 ft long and 35 ft wide at #Puri beach in Odisha. We hope it will be a new record. #JaiJagannath #RathaJatra21.”

The sand art is magnificent and breathtaking, no lies. 

Puri Rath or Nandighosa Rath is an annual event. If you’re not really familiar with the aspect.  This Rath yatra is one of the many festivals that is organized by the Jagannath Temple. The sole reason is to celebrate the occasion of Lord Jagannath’s rebirth and his transmigration. From one body to the other. 

This festival supposedly takes place for the Nobo Koliboro. Moreover, it is also a 10-day procession famously taking place in the city of Puri. 

Sudarshan is a Padma Shri award holder who gained fame all over the world after he managed to take a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Before the pandemic, this Rath Yatra festival was celebrated for ten whole days. And the whole state of Odisha would be covered and people participation would be wide. But, as we know COVID 19 pandemic has made it hard for the normal-looking festivals and world to function soh so normally. 

So, although it would have been lovely for the festival to go as such, some changes were made. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Supreme Court changed a little rule. 


And Jagannath Rath Yatra took place only in the city of Puri excluding all the other cities in the state of Odisha. Those who got to see this beautiful piece in person might have been mesmerized by the beauty and the talent of this great sand artist. 

If I had a chance, I would definitely not lose a chance to be a part of such a beautiful community. Annually, three deities are to be taken on this rath yatra covering three kilometers of distance. The chariot is carried from Grand Road that connected the 12 century Shri Jaganath Temple and lastly the Mausi Maa Temple.

Do you know about a legend about Lord Jagannath’s stay at Gundicha temple?

 It’s said that Lord Jagannath who is also identified with Lord Krishna stays at the Gundicha Temple for seven days. And when the lord leaves, he leaves behind his wife or consort Lakshmi. In a storeroom locked inside the main Jagannath temple. Also, lord Jagannath is considered to be one of the many reincarnations of Lord Vishnu from Krishna to Jagannath. 

But unlike god Vishnu and Krishna, god and or lord Jagannath have no hands, ears, or mouth, intriguing, isn’t it? 

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