The Course of politics after the re-installation of parliament?

The supreme court yet another time has reinstated the parliament for the second time. After the dramatic dissolution of parliament in midnight of 21 may 2021. After the reinstation of parliament by supreme court on 23rd February 2021, there had been certain tension among the political parties. The parliament was being held in state of indecisiveness, the parliament couldn’t function as the opposition parties couldn’t table the vote of no confidence against PM Oli neither could pass any bills that were pending overtime.

PM Oli after being in the state of 76(2) after the supreme court quashed the unification of the CPN (UML) and CPN(Maoist) took the initiation to gain vote of confidence in the parliament. PM Oli couldn’t gain the vote of confidence as the Thakur faction of People’s Socialist party (PSP) weighing 15 votes remained neutral and betrayal of 28 members of his own party gaining only 93 votes on his favor from the total of 121 seats of CPN(UML) . Hence, he was dismissed. Oli was once again appointed as PM according to the 76(3); he waived the vote of confidence stating he couldn’t do it and requested the president to proceed forward on article 76(5). President then called for the application pursuant to 76(5). Both Deuba and Oli both submitted the application stating that they can gai the vote of confidence. To which president was not convinced and quashed the application of both at midnight. Immediately after that council of ministers recommended for the dissolution of parliament yet for the second time. 

However, the supreme court has reinstated the parliament also issuing mandamus as to appoint Deuba as PM within 28 hours. Now that Deuba along with other 5 ministers have taken oath, Deuba has to seek for vote of confidence in the reinstated parliament within 30 days; For which he has been lobbying with the political parties. In order to get vote of confidence in the parliament Deuba now has to gain the votes from the CPN(Maoist), People’s socialist party and the Nepal-Khanal faction of CPN(UML). As of now Congress has 63 seats, CPN(Maoist) has 49 seats, PSP has 34 seats which is enough to get a majority of 146 seats in total but seeing tensions between the Yadav and Thakur faction, Deuba has to get Nepal-Khanal on his side to assure his vote of confidence on the parliament.

If Deuba succeeds in gaining the vote of confidence in the parliament, he is likely to be in the post for the remaining tenure of the parliament and go onto the timely election. In case of failure to gain the vote of confidence in the parliament Deuba has to unfortunately recommend the dissolution of parliament and announce the mid term election as wanted by Oli. However, this is very unlikely as there have been 143 signatories in the plaint filed at supreme court. And the supreme court has decided the case in the favor of Deuba on the basis of the signatures produced in the court. Its only a matter of time and we can see the result in near future. Nepalese have long dreamt of the political stability in the country from the time of establishment of democracy in the country but unfortunately, it’s never been fulfilled. Hope the time to come will evaluate every individual of their deeds. 

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