What not to do during pregnancy for healthy baby

Pregnancy is a blessing that comes with a twist. I think I never see women happier or more scared ever in life than when they’re pregnant. And it’s totally fine and understandable as well. Carrying a new life inside you is always scary. 


And knowing how to eat, drink, and sleep affects the growth of the baby. It’s gotta be scary. So, today I’ve thought about making a small list of what you should eat and drink just to be safe. Moving on, this article is helpful to you even if you’re here just for your loved ones. Which, by the way, I think is really thoughtful of you. 

Anyway, the point is, yes this is addressed to the mother. But whether you’re the mom-to-be or the father, or sister, just anyone. Feel free to take a reference from this. It certainly is a lot helpful for you. 

So, with no further delay. Here are the lists you need to follow. 

What To Not Eat? 

I understand I can’t fit all of the foods that you cannot consume as a pregnant woman here. But I promise you that these are the basics. And that if you wish for me to add more you can ask for us. However, the foods listed here are enough to keep you and your baby safe. 

  • Pineapple. 
  • Raw Eggs. 
  • Anything Involving Aelovera on Food.
  • Mung beans
  • Drumstick Tree. 
  • Pâté
  • Unpasteurized/raw Milk.
  • Smoked and or refrigerated seafood. 
  • Alfalfa
  • Animal Live
  • Clover
  • Sprouted Potatoes. 
  • Raw shellfish.
  • Supplements with Vitamin A. 
  • Mould ripened soft cheese
  • Papaya. 
  • Radish.

Also, when you eat you should remember to not eat two portions during your first trimester. You might feel the need to do so because you are carrying a baby. But don’t. 

In fact, in such a case, immediately contact your doctor so that they give you better explanation. And you’ll know when to start eating a little more portion than usual. 

Don’t Drink These!

Yes, there are not many drinks you should avoid. But what remains is very vital for you to avoid. Also, stop smoking right after you find out that you’re having a baby. You may assume one smoke is fine. 

But trust me, it isn’t, and just throw it really far away. Now, we will take a look at the drinks you can Or can’t have. To begin with, drink skim milk or any alternative milk. But unpasteurized milk and juices are out of the box. Now you know that alcohol is far off the table right? I shouldn’t even talk about liquor but just to give a hundred percent stamp. Don’t drink it!

 Caffeine is pretty much fine for the first two trimesters. With that being said, no, you can’t drink glasses and glasses of caffeine. Doctors say that 200 mg of coffee is perfectly fine. 

And I recommend if you have your part of coffee but you still crave more caffeine. You can drink decaf or diet coke. They’ll replace your cravings. 

I have never carried a baby so I can’t tell for sure. But I do know insomnia and bathroom trips throughout the day are a thing. So, I ask for you to take small naps or rest every hour for your health. 

As for the bathroom trips during the night, you can disturb your husband just to annoy him. Jokes aside, I wish you a happy pregnancy!


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