Why Culture Is More Important Than Religion.

Have you ever wondered how our moral valves evolve over time? In the past, Homophobia was actually not a moral failure. However, in today’s society, it is a moral failure. Why did this happen? It’s simple, as many cultural values we shared. We started boycotting the ill-mannered ones. Every culture has its own set of rules and values. Moving on, if we want a vibrant society. We must have the lifeblood, i.e. culture. 

Participating in cultural events has a lot of benefits, not just for society but for individuals as well. Anyway, maybe we should cut out many things from the cultural norms. However, we must always encourage ourselves and others to celebrate or at least contemplate our cultural values and beliefs. 

I want you to really think. What would our morality be and the rules look like if we had no cultural reference? And you should also know that experiencing culture is not just participating in a tradition. It is also an opportunity to create your own cultural norms and values. Furthermore, it is also a leisure activity for entertainment purposes which is great for learning as well as experience sharing. 

Okay, imagine what if theater, museums, libraries, and art studios disappeared? You might belong to that group that never visits any of these above-mentioned things. 

But do you know, these things are the reason why you have the thoughts you have? If we have no cultural experience the coming generation of kids will no longer have creative thinking. It also helps with self-esteem and problem-solving skills. 

Just taking a look at any cultural heritage gives some education that sits with you lifelong. I know I have my experience of middle school trips still in my head. While I kid you not, I don’t really remember much of my school days. And when I say much, I mean almost all. 

Okay, we talked about the thinking and problem-solving effect on kids due to culture and cultural heritage. But what about adults? Do you know we need the cultural references to amending laws as well? 

Yes, I get it. Laws aren’t the strongest worldwide. But within those rules that are yet effective lies some cultural background that affects human moral and instinctive values. I believe I would be a homophobe, transphobe, and a typical Karen if the world did not have a cultural exchange. 

Now, this might sound ridiculous to you. But trust me because I don’t lie. We’ll not when I have to provide solid information to you guys. I want you all to have authentic information. With that being said, culture also promotes healthy populations. 

Try participating in some of the cultural contributes. I promise you you’ll feel even the slightest difference in your mental and physical health. And, how can we forget the importance of all? 

Culture helps build society and capital. Which is holding the communities and individuals together. Even worldwide through the internet. Let me make this straight for you guys. Religion is actually necessary only to live ethically. 

But culture is necessary to live more morally with better ethical values. So, next time you leave any kind of cultural event behind. As yourself, if you’re throwing away your moral values. 

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