Will Covid impact women and children more ?

August 29, 2021 by 1 Comment

Nepal is a developing country where 54.2% are women. Most of woman and Children are live in Rural areas in Nepal. They are illiterates, poor and have less source of income. The access to health facilities is less compared to cities. The percent of educated women and living in urban areas is less compared to rural women. The accumulation of issues have done serious affect to woman and Children in Nepal.

However the till now detail study on these matter is not researched. But in general, we can say COVID 19 has effected women and children’s in various sectors, specially psychological effect, economic states, job loss, various health problems etc .

Recently released report says that about 96 million population of the world will go to extreme poverty by 2021. The pandemic will push 47 percent of women in poverty level. There is no question that Nepal has faced the bad effects from this Pandemic especially for women and children .

According to UN, pandemic have lead to economic crisis, less earning less, fewer savings, created more imbalance in the informal economy, less access to social protections and have added burdened to unpaid care and domestic work. Therefore the drop out of the labor force for women from this pandemic COVID 19 is high. ,

Nepal have faced lockdown from one year in different model causes of COVID 19. The COVID 19 is a pandemic for all Nepalese people. This pandemic have more affects to Women and children specially in physical, mental, spiritual and social sector . COVID-19, it has created fear, anxiety and uncertainty to the women .

The psychological impacts of the COVID19 might be a challenge for an indefinite time, hence it is necessary to emphasize more to save women and children with this prolonged pandemic. Nepal government should be equipped with adequate health logistics especially for woman and children. Government needs to develop its capacity in health facilities and financing to foresee future challenges for not to grow more problem to woman from this coronavirus disease. We hope that Nepal government will give more focus to solve the women’s and children problem caused by COVID 19.

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