Women are ban from playing sports in Afghanistan

September 17, 2021 by No Comments

Remember when Taliban said that this time around they aren’t looking to mess with women’s rights? We’ll they were lying. To be honest, we shouldn’t really believe in someone like the Taliban. 

But, we still had a little hope. However, a recent information given by Cricket Australia has something else to say. Reportedly, a Taliban spokesperson said that women from sports including women’s cricket will now be banned in Afghanistan. 

The spokesperson quoted especially cricket. Because apparently, whil playing cricket, the faces and bodies of the women won’t be covered. And their Islamic culture doesn’t allow women to be seen out in the public without being covered. 

Furthermore, Ahmadullah Waiq, the spokesperson said that since this is the media era, there’s going to be tons of pictures and videos from te game. Hence, they are banning women from playing any kind of sport that needs them to be exposed. 

If until now, the women have played sports pretty well and preserved their religion. What is the problem now. I think, the real problem is within the Taliban. They just don’t want women to play or engage in anything that isn’t housework.

Therefore, they’re making absurd excuses to not let these women enjoy what they’ve been doing and practicing fir a long period of time. 

A month ago, the Taliban spokesperson mentioned that men’s cricket will continue as per the scheduled time. And the men players are allowed to travel to Australia for their test match scheduled in November. 

Anyhoo, Cricket Australia says that the men’s test match won’t proceed as per discussed. Because they also want to see the growth of women in sports. They say that cricket is for all. S, if Afghanistan is banning women from playing. Then, Cricket Australia will have no other choice than to cancel the match for Afghanistan men’s team. 

This is such a bold move to make and honestly those who made this decisions are praise worthy. So, along with Cricket Australia, Tasmanian Government and Australian Government have played a huge role in regards and support to this decision. 

I mean, it is true that the Taliban has no right to exclude women from sports. Especially after promising howthey’ll not harm women’s right in any way. 

If they really meant what they said the why would the Taliban special forces miltants fire weapons on the air. Hoping to end the protest set by Kabul women. Who’s been demanding equal rights since march. 

However, will Taliban risk the male cricket and sport future of their country just to suppress women down? 

It’s kind of frustrating to see this. But, I feel like if all of the sport teams stand against the Taliban. Just like how Cricer AUstralia did today. 

Perhaps we can bring a significant amount of change im Afghanistan. At least to the rights of women in sport at Afghanistan. 

Honestly, I also think that this is the only way we can fight against the Taliban. Given that ths US troops had to reteart after decades. And they’re now taking away women’s right. 

Do let us know in the comments your take on The Taliban’s take on women’s sports. Is ot right for them to ban women from playing sports now after such a long period of time. Just because they’re making religion an escuse for their misbehavior?

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