Adults Need To Do A Better Job- Why Kids Are In Danger.

September 4, 2021 by No Comments

The pandemic that we hoped would last no more than a year is ruining our lives in every way possible. Two years in and we still have no idea how will we get rid of the pandemic. And canceling school and exams seem to be getting the worst of the kids. 

So, something must be done. While we’re vaccinated and things seem normal, Vaccines aren’t a total cure. But, kids are now heading back to school. The thing that’s scarier this year is Covid 19 Delta Variant is up and strong. 

Navigating schools and assuring the safety of children gets lit trickier than it was last year. Dr. Aaron Milstone who is a pediatric infectious disease specialist said that people look back to the year before. And they think that they got through the school year even then. So they can do it now as well. Without realizing it’s dangerous this year. 

What’s more absurd is delta variant is latching on people but in the meantime, gathers are getting more common. Like meeting at a restaurant, having gatherings, inviting enough people to the weddings. 

And masks aren’t compulsory anymore. This keeps the kids at risk, so much more than they were a year before. Also, many people refrained from sending their kids to school last year. 

Of course, proper sanitization, ventilation, and masks help reduce risk. But does it really mean kids are safe this way? 

No, the above-mentioned things aren’t helping the kids in any way. If you’re familiar with recent news, you’ll know that covid cases and kids hospitalized due to Covid are increasing so much more these days. 

So, it’s a given fact that the adults will have to amp up their game. 

Will Covid impact women and children more ?

John Hopkins Children’s Center says that at this point they are scared that there will be no space left in the ICU soon. And not just due to Covid but kids are getting sick, severely ill due to flu, cold, and such respiratory diseases. 

A survey was done recently proved that more children are getting affected by Covid due to the increasing disease in the community. And experts are claiming that adult aren’t being cautious enough. 

Kids below 12 can’t get vaccinated. And just because adults are vaccinated, it doesn’t mean they can shove kids into danger. Millstone also mentioned that they’re having cases where vaccinated parents or adults get Covid. Then they mindlessly get home and stay without isolating themselves. Causing risk to kids. 

People are confused about the real purpose of the vaccine. So, let me remind it to you. The vaccine protects you from getting severely infected and your chances to get the virus is low. But just because you are out of the hospital doesn’t mean kids won’t get affected. 

And according to experts, parents can do one thing to make sure their kids aren’t having it hard. They can check up on their kids daily. Ask them how they’re feeling to make sure they’re not sick. 

And this also benefits the parents as at the same time they can bond with their kids. And they’ll also know if their kids are not only struggling physically but mentally as well. 

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