First dose of AstraZeneca vaccine is now AVAILABLE for covid

September 28, 2021 by No Comments

The number of covid cases all around Nepal increases by 975 on Monday 27 September 2021. According to a survey, these numbers of patients (about 900) are coming each day on average. This may not seem to be an alarming situation but it surely points to the heavy existence of the virus. It hence gets very important that each one of us receives our complete dose of vaccination as soon as possible.

Till now the numbers of people fully vaccinated are quite a few. Moreover, the people who have received a single dose of vaccine are also quite low in number. Make sure that all your close ones get the vaccine as soon as possible. This will ensure that during the festival season all the family and relatives can gather without much worry. However, the gathering still needs to be small in number and along with all precautions. As the festive season of Dashain and Tihar comes near, covid19 cases may rise. This will further increase the chances of infection by the virus. Also as long as the virus travels among the unvaccinated population, its variants will increase.

Today on 27 September 2021, Kathmandu Metropolitan City provides a vaccination facility to all citizens above 18. This vaccine is the first dose vaccine of anti- Covid19 called AstraZeneca. The vaccine distribution took place in almost 32 centers of the district.

The vaccination centers will ask for an identification card in order to vaccinate. This card can be of any type such as a driving license, citizenship card, passport, etc. The facility of vaccination will be between 10 am to 4 pm. These vaccination centers are located in an open area and do follow all the measures needed for covid19 safety. The decision of distributing the vaccine was taken in a meeting held at the Province Health Office. This meeting took place on Sunday between the vaccine monitoring committee and district vaccination coordination.

The committees have increased the number of the previously existing number of centers by an additional seven. This would ensure that people get the vaccine in centers that are closer to visit. Moreover, it will ensure that there is less rush and crowd in the centers. Most of the people above the age of eighteen are working. The fewer crowds at vaccine centers will save their time and make them confident about a safe visit.

The country still has a long way to go in order to fully vaccinate each citizen in the country. The government has been taking the initiative to build a fully vaccinated country. Till now almost all health-related workers and front-line staff are vaccinated. For the general public free vaccination camps are alternatively available for a first and second dose.

The government has ensured proper card for all the vaccinated citizens. This card acts as a proof for all future activities that would require vaccination for example traveling. The government has taken this responsibility and is working on it almost every day. As citizens, it hence becomes our duty that we act responsibly as well. Hence make sure that as a citizen you get vaccinated maybe not for the country but yourself.

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