Dreadful Pandemic to stay with us for long time

September 27, 2021 by 1 Comment

COVID-19 is a contagious disease. It caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. It is also now considered as pandemic, as it has already caused chaos around the world.

The main symptoms of disease is sneezing, common cold and headache. While every different person has different perspective towards rise of corona virus in China. Some suspect it may be the strategy of Chinese government to make other countries economically weak. Some think if it is really a disease or not.

Since ,2019 COVID-19 has been spreading worldwide and has taken life of millions of people around the globe . Respectively in order to control the rapid increase of coronavirus many countries have imposed a strict lockdown for certain period of time. It resulted in slight declination of cases though the virus kept on contaminating people ,it didn’t stop.

As of now we can see that a lot of countries have opened the lockdown because of mental torture and pressure general public have been facing due to this dreadful virus considering the safety measures . Hence when we come to think about the end of this global pandemic or the time when we will be able to travel and go around without any mask freely it just gives a headache simply .


Despite of many challenges faced by general public due to this pandemic either its physically , mentally or emotionally the major challenge must be to tackle the uncertainity of this pandemic thing . The doctors and frontline workers have been a constant source of positive energy to all the people .

Respectively, vaccination also gave some ray of ray hope to all of us to survive and fight this virus . People in countries like Nepal , India have been dying due to lack of food rather than the affect of COVID-19 . We have come across many types of COVID-19 variant in duration of 2019-2022 nearly .

Well, there is no certainity and assurance of when exactly the pandemic end but we all will surely survive this and fight against it . Also, At present we can see that things are normalizing but the risk is the same . . Stay healthy , stay safe .

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