Australians Freedom After A year

Australians freedom , after more than a year . Well , Australia will reopen its international border from November , giving long-awaited freedoms to vaccinated citizens and their relatives. Since March 2020, Australia had some of the strictest rule for the safety of its citizens . Hence the policy has been praised for helping to suppress Covid-19 , but it also had separated families .

Australians Freedom , is it sure ?

Australians freedom is sure as per resources PM Scott Morrison says “It’s time to give Australians their lives back ” People will be eligible to travel when their state’s vaccination rate hits 80% . Mr. Morrison told a press briefing on Friday . Though , travel would not immediately be open to foreigners, but the government said it was working “towards welcoming tourists back to our shores “. People living in Australia have been facing very hard time due to pandemic and the restrictions were over the board .

Restrictions that hindered Australians freedom

  1. Closed borders internally and externally .
  2. Separation of families
  3. International students .
  4. No ray of hope for improvement of situation

Experience Of Australians

One citizen of Australia shares her experience . Amy Hayes ,lives in the English town of Reading. She has not been back to Queensland in nearly three years. She added it was ” encouraging to see things moving in right direction “. “But I’ll believe the borders have reopened when I see it and hear the stories of stranded Aussies being able to get home uninhibited .

Another citizen Henry Aldridge is excited to fly back to the UK for Christmas to see his parents and five siblings in London . His partner from Ireland lives with him in Sydney. While sharing his experience he said , as the lockdown were extended and country recorded more cases the travel ban felt absurd .

Entry and Exit at present

At present , people can leave Australia – which has record of 107000 cases of COVID-19 and 1300 deaths- only for exceptional reasons such as essential work for visiting a dying relative. Entry is accesscible for citizens and others with exemptions , but there are tight caps on arrival numbers . This has left tens of thousands stranded overseas.

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