Nepal Khabar Online February 22, 2021

Italy’ ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an Italian policeman, and their driver were killed when United Nation convoy was ambushed on Monday. According to Italy’s foreign ministry they were part of convoy of MONUSCO, the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in Dr Congo. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio expressed his sorry over […]

Nepal Khabar Online February 21, 2021

Kuwait’s Civil Aviation Authority on Saturday announced that it is extending the ban for non-Kuwaiti citizens until further notice due to coronavirus. Citizen are still allowed to enter but have to spend a week in a quarantine at a hotel and another week at home.

Nepal Khabar Online February 20, 2021

According to the notice published by Airline Operators Association of Nepal (AOAN), the airfare is increased due to the recent increase of petroleum products from Nepal Oil Corporation. As per the spokesperson for AOAN, new airfare is determined as per the policy based on the price of aviation fuel. The revised fares will be effective […]

Nepal Khabar Online February 20, 2021

Bitcoin’s price went to $56,000 on Friday, which is more than market capitalization of Facebook, through Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are worth more. Bitcoin’s values has almost doubled from $29000 since the start of the year. Bitcoin is a digital currency, created in January 2009. The identity of the creator of bitcoin is still a […]

Nepal Khabar Online February 19, 2021

China’s Tianwen-1 mission have successfully reached Mars orbit on Wednesday. According to state- run news agency Xinhua, it was a 7 month journey from Earth. China is the third country to arrive on Mars. United Arab Emirates’ Hope probe reached Mars orbit a day before Chinese Tianwen and a week before U.S, whose NASA’s Perseverance […]

Nepal Khabar Online February 18, 2021

Police, around the world, have started to arrest people who claim to have vaccines for corona virus. Chinese police arrested more than 80 people and confiscated over more than 3000 fake doses which are just saline. The fake vaccines were made by injecting saline into syringes.  Similarly, people in northern Mexico arrested 6 people Wednesday. […]

Nepal Khabar Online February 18, 2021

Tens of thousands of front line health care workers will likely to get the first round of shots, which will be followed by 3.7 million in March. It is likely to be launched on Wednesday. It is still uncertain when the rest of the population will get the vaccine. On Wednesday, 8 facilities of Japan […]

Nepal Khabar Online February 16, 2021

Myanmar, which is also known as Burma, with majority people speaking Burmese, got it independence from Brain in 1948. It was ruled by armed forces from 1962 until 2011, when civilian rule started with new election. Military sieged power on 1 February and declared emergency. They have been demanding a re-election saying that previous was […]