Covid 19 No Longer an Emergency Anymore!

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Covid 19 is an acute contagious disease caused by a virus. Covid 19 is an infectious disease that mainly affects an individual’s respiratory system. At the beginning of 2020, a virus struck the world and rapidly evolved into one of the most significant pandemics in history, impacting the entire globe.

Recently, the WHO made a critical decision to lift the pandemic’s emergency status on Covid-19. This news signifies that there has been a perceived drop in the case. However, we must emphasize that despite this adjustment, authorities have warned academics and industry professionals. The virus’s threat still exists.

Although the emergency status of the pandemic has been lifted, it’s still important to stay aware. Even if in the future the issue may rise, we must be aware of it. Likewise, we can attempt to lessen the effects of any future outbreaks. Similarly, we could also try to protect the health of people and communities. By utilizing this time to build and strengthen rigorous preventative measures.

Overall, the WHO’s decision to revoke the pandemic’s emergency designation should not be interpreted as a message to let up. Rather it should be seen as a call to action. From this decision of WHO, an advantage should be taken. The advantage for a chance to create a strong, proactive defensive system. To ensure our preparedness in dealing with and containing any potential outbreaks in the future.

IHR Emergency Committee’s Latest Meeting

The report of the Emergency Committee on the COVID-19 pandemic’s fifteenth meeting held on May 4, 2023, was presented by the WHO. Throughout the meeting, committee members highlighted a number of encouraging outcomes. Outcomes such as a decrease in Covid 19- related fatalities, significant levels of population immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and many more. Likewise, the committee’s viewpoint has changed over the past several months. They now advocate shifting to long-term treatment of the Covid 19 pandemic.

WHO declaring Covid 19 as no more emergency
WHO declaring Covid 19 as no more emergency (CNN)

Regarding the continuing COVID-19 epidemic, the WHO Director-General agrees with the committee’s recommendations. Although COVID-19 no longer meets the criteria to be classified as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). Experts have assessed that COVID-19 has transitioned into an established and ongoing health issue.

Likewise, the Director-General has approved the proposed Temporary suggestions. Suggestions based on the committee’s suggestions will set up an IHR Review Committee to offer advice on Standing Recommendations for the long-term management of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The Covid-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan (2023–2025) will be taken into consideration throughout this evaluation. Similarly, it is suggested that States Parties continue to abide by the Temporary Recommendations that have been issued during this interim time. The Committee Chair, Members, and Advisors have the Director-General’s sincere gratitude for their commitment and leadership over the previous three years.

Is the Covid 19 Pandemic Over?

The Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing for more than three years. This pandemic is still ongoing. Even after the World Health Organization (WHO) designated it a worldwide public health emergency in January 2020. The WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros, stated that the virus still poses a serious threat to the world. Also mentioned that the current death toll of 7 million may potentially rise to 20 million.

While some nations have become used to the virus’ presence after more than a year. Others are still dealing with its effects and are still a long way from reaching endemic status, where the virus is constantly present at a lower, controllable level. Likewise, a novel coronavirus subvariant known as Arcturus is also present in at least 31 different nations. According to the WHO, this subvariant does not pose a greater threat than other Covid-19-causing variations.

Covid 19 test
Covid 19 test (The Indian Express)

Furthermore, the director of Immunization, vaccinations, and Biologicals at the WHO, Dr. Katherine O’Brien, emphasized the value of vaccinations in defending people. Likewise, emphasized lowering the risk of serious disease and death, particularly in nations with high vaccination rates. She highlighted, however, that we need to do more work to combat the virus since vaccinations have the potential to save lives.

Similarly, the technical lead for the WHO’s Covid-19 response team and an infectious disease epidemiology named Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove. The doctor highlighted the Covid-19 outbreak’s disproportionate impact on several African nations and stressed the importance of ongoing care to reduce infections.

The COVID-19 issue is still a global problem. Different nations require various levels of effectiveness and ongoing management, despite the success achieved in fighting the epidemic. The WHO emphasizes the crucial function of vaccinations. As well as the need for ongoing efforts to contain the virus and lessen its negative consequences.

Mortality Rate of Covid-19 Reaches All-Time Low

The World Health Organization has decided to withdraw the worldwide emergency designation. Since the fatality rates fell to their lowest level when the epidemic began. For certain nations, like the United States, where the impression of an emergency has faded over time, this choice can appear overdue.

Infectious disease specialist at the WHO Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove underlined that the decision to lift the pandemic’s emergency designation was not made hastily. It was a decision that had been properly thought out and factored in. Likewise, she emphasized that a comprehensive strategy that incorporates vaccinations but goes above and beyond them holds the key to controlling the continued spread and severity of COVID-19.

Likewise, the executive director of WHO, Dr. Michael Ryan acknowledged that people around the world during the pandemic have shown exceptional resilience. He has also emphasized on continuing to support the effective needs of the population as the virus still exists and we are not free of it.

Furthermore, according to Dr. Monica Gandhi who is a specialist in infectious diseases. She stated that the current mortality rate from the global pandemic is the lowest as compared to the past. Due to this, she believes that the WHO’s declaration is appropriate.

Overall, the mortality rates have reached an all-time low signifying, it is important to remain vigilant and resilient in such situations. Also, followed by comprehensive strategies to lessen the impact of the virus.

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