Don Cheadle with Emmy Nomination and twitter account

We’ve all watched The Falcon and The Winter Soldiers. And, we all have loved Don Cheadle’s 98-second caeo in the Marvel miniseries. All thanks to Don’s marvellous acting, he pulled himself an Emmy Nomination. 

What use is it of the nomination if you don’t talk about how you feel in a talk show, right? Well no, but what’s what he did. Cheadle went to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon Wenesday night and he gave his opinion on the Emmy Nomination in quite a hilarious way.  What Cheadle said wasn’t something just fun but we can see his confidence when he speaks. 

He said something like he doesn’t need a full movie or even half the screen time, he can make an impression with just merely a couple of minutes. If you really must know what exactly he said, this is what Don told Jimmy, 

“It’s like that concentrated orange juice, you just take a tablespoon and put it in water and stir it around. And it’s Cheadle!”

Whether you agree or not, I certainly do! That man could take a couple of awards home and I wouldn’t be shocked. But do save some for others Don!

In the MCU series, Cheadle portrayed the role of the War Machine or James Rhodes. But here’s what you should really know, Don was not confident at all and was pretty shocked after looking at the 2021 Emmy Nomination announcement. 

As soon as Emmy made their announcements, Don went to Twitter and whined that he doesn’t get how he even got the nomination.  

But, our beloved actor has a lot more to go than 98 seconds. Yes, if you didn’t know yet, Don is reprising his role as the War Machine in the upcoming Marvel series Armor Wars. I bet the series will be as lit as the name given. 

Worry not though War Machine fans, Don has a lot more screen time here than he ever had in the previous episode. Don’t ask me how much, I can’t be sure of that. 

Not to mention that Cheadle is actually an incredible man. Although he loses his temper sometimes, so do we, there’s nothing new. 

What I was about to say is this is not the first time Cheadle has been nominated in an award show. In fact, we’ve seen him take eleven anods altogether. He has been recognized for roles in The Rat Pack, House of Life, A Lesson Behind Dying, Black Monday. ER, and Thinga Behind the Sun. 

Pretty incredible huh? 


Jimmy and Don also talked about the upcoming series when Jimmy asked if he could get any kind of deets on the series. Cheadle said that they are still trying to figure things out right now. 

“We’re just trying to figure out how to put you [Jimmy] in it, which I know you keep texting me about.” Said Don. 

Jimmy followed by saying how much he would love to be in that universe and is really eager if he can get a spoit. May this time Jimmy’s 98 second cameo will give him a nomination the upcoming year!

Anyway, Don again jokingly told Jimmy to “stop texting” him and that “we’ll figure it out.”

Fallon and Don had a very interesting chat including Don’s twitter username which he recently changed to Don’t Ask me Google Questions Cheadle. When Jimmy asked who asked him Google questions Cheadle said that everyone does on Twitter. 

Like when’s the new movie coming out and he’s like you can ask that to google.Don is also a huige basketball fan and now that he’s starring in Space Wars: A New Legacy with James LeBron he says that filming has made them real close.

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