First Look Into OPPO’s Under-Screen Camera Technology – Is It Legit?

It seems like some gadget nerds will soon get what they have always wanted. OPPO recently revealed their first under-screen camera (USC). Read this to understand more about it.

Likewise, OPPO has brought revolutionary development for smartphones. People were unable to about the dependency on the technology and its necessity.

It has only been two decades since smartphones have come into play. Mobile computing has been a huge leapfrog in technology. And, today, almost everyone has a smartphone. You might even be reading this article through your phone right now.

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Nevertheless, everyone uses smartphones whether it is to perform simple mathematical calculations or surf through the internet. Smartphones are always upgrading to meet the need of every people.

How OPPO Made It Possible?

And, one of the features we will be talking about today is a smartphone’s camera. Whether it is the front or back camera, we can see it easily on a phone. And, it has always been something that doesn’t let people have a full-screen experience because of the circular dent thingy.

Similarly, Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd or its trading name, OPPO has been working on the problem for many years. In fact, many other companies have tried to get rid of the camera. And, the closest till now was the pop-up camera.

However, OPPO recently revealed their new generation technology to completely hide the camera. By this, I don’t mean they have used pop-up technology. Moreover, they have come out with a way to hide the camera under the screen yet use its fullest potential.

Likewise, the company also mentioned how they innovated this new technology. And, it seems like they have done so by using transparent wiring material. Still, it’s never so simple for users to understand the mechanism.

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Nonetheless, OPPO has made countless tries to achieve the USC technology. They even shared exclusive looks on their prototype back in 2019. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available in the market for users to experience.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the integral part of OPPO. It mainly focuses on maintaining the image quality on the phone when the camera is turned off. Although we can’t see the cameras in the shared images, we can’t be sure unless the phones are launched.

Best User Experience.

This technology will prove best to the people who love playing games or watching videos on their phones. Now, they won’t get bothered with a notch or hole-punch in their phones that degrade their experiences.

Moreover, this could bring a trend for every company to start working on. Especially, it will be really exciting to see other companies such as iPhone and Samsung come out with their own technology.

As we know, the two companies currently have the best camera technology. Moreover, they have been bringing out high-resolution pictures with realistic color depths. And, it could be a challenge to maintain the standard with the USC technology.

Nevertheless, let’s just leave the thinking part to the companies. Although OPPO hasn’t announced an official release date, stay tuned as we will update as soon as we get any information regarding it.

Research and optimization will always be priority of the company and will continue its development. Also, were you aware of the USC technology or ever thought it was possible?

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