Food Culture in USA , Need changes ?

Well, Food Culture in USA is evolving and forward day by date . Basically , Europeans and Native Americans have a influence on American cuisine in its early history . People in the country have fascination towards their local street food because of its reasonability and taste . Moreover , the food in the country is popular among people worldwide . There are number of foods that we commonly call American . They are hamburger,hotdogs,potato chips,macaroni and cheese

Food Culture In USA , Some Facts

Some facts about food culture in USA are as follows :

  1. 1/5 meals in people eat in America is inside the car : This is one most practical and well known fact among all of us . People seem to be too busy in their day to day life ,they actually don’t manage time to have a proper meal in the restaurant or in the house .

2. An estimate of 40% of food which is grown , processed and transported in US will never come in consumption. 3.

3. According to a study in 2012 , 52% Americans believe that doing their taxes was easier than figuring out how to eat healthy .

Food Culture In USA , Changes in recent time

Well , for over 320 million people in the USA food is a melting point . Similarly , when we talk about food culture in America its is known as ‘land of fry’ . The true cuisine exemplifies the cultural hybrid that makes the country very unique , but gets criticism by American dieticians . Taking about changes in consumption of food , we can see the rapid and forever growth for junk food in the country .

It is constantly expanding throughout the world , creating a unification but not all en-compassing culture of culinary negativity in US . In the same way the quality of products and the treatment of the workers at the establishments that value hamburgers, fries, and pizza as the epitome of American cooking are becoming more prevalent to consumers worldwide . Its crucial that Americans understand that our cuisine is much more than fast food .

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