Is going Eco green good for Mc Donald ?

September 22, 2021 by No Comments

MC Donald’s which is an American fast-food franchise on 22 September 2021 announces the inclusion of eco-friendly toys. This official statement mas made through a tweet trough twitter. The company claims that the toys included in the happy meal will be sustainable. Similarly, this change will occur in the next coming four to five years that is by 2025.

MC Donald’s is a very popular fast-food company. It has been serving its food throughout the world for almost forty years. At this time, the company has branches in more than 100 countries. It is a fact that every fourteen hours a new franchise MC Donald opens in one part of the world. This fact itself speaks for the hype the company possesses.

One more important fact about MC Donald’s is that it is the largest distributor of toys throughout the world. This toy comes from the happy meal that the company sells. The concept of a happy meal exists to serve a kid-friendly menu in a box itself. The food in the happy meal is less exciting to kids than the toy that comes along. Not only the kids but many adults also order a happy meal for a hassle-free order. Kids and adults both like to collect these toys as it comes in various characters. This shows the large number of toys the company distributes every day. Mc Donald previously made all its toys using plastic and we all are familiar with it. This leads to a high quantity of plastic waste consumption. In long run, this becomes a great problem. Hence, this decision by MC Donald’s is surely very appreciable.

Jenny McColloch, MC Donald’s chief sustainability officer said that replacing the happy meal’s plastic toys with eco-friendly recyclable ones will help a lot. It reduces the consumption of plastic to a level of 90 percent from the initial consumption.

There have been several responses from people all around the world regarding this decision. Many appreciated the initiative taken by the company. However, many said that the company should execute the decision faster rather than after five years. They claimed that in five years the company will create much plastic consumption. Many commented that even if the execution will take time “something is surely better than nothing”. On large scale, the response regarding the decision has been positive and appreciated.

Such a decision will inspire other fast-food chains or even other plastic-consuming companies to reduce waste. Plastic is a non-biodegradable waste and hence its reduction is important. With developing, technologies and educated youths plastic reduction get much more possible in the future. All around the world, waste reduction has become a necessity. Many vegan and environmentally aware people are making day-to-day life decisions so as to reduce waste. Right now one can observe that eco-friendly items are a little more expensive. These prices can only be reduced if they are consumed in large scale all over the world. Overall, the decision of MC Donald’s is surely appreciable and should be inspiration to many.


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