Future of politics, In the hands of youths ?

September 29, 2021 by 1 Comment

One of the largest political party , Nepal Congress has held its 14th general convention which included youths in politics . There is growth of fine number of youth participation in this program . Moreover , many young energetic members have involve in Nepal’s current political system . Well , recent leaders of Nepali Congress have assured full involvement and participation of youth in politics.

Youths participation in politics

While talking about importance of youth in politics of Nepal , 28 year old graduate in Atmospheric physics from aboard Bharat was elected as “Nagar Sabhapati ” of Parsuram municipality , Dadeldhura . Similarly , 16 year girl Susmita Rishidev was made chairperson of Budhiganga Gaupalika , Morang for a day and 25 year old Bidhya Baral from Pokhara was elected as regional representative of Nepal Congressin 14th convention. This can be a huge step to uplift the stability of Nepali Politics .

So here is a a conclusion that our country is learning the importance of youths in politics. Most of our leaders are old and with the guidance and experience of such old leaders we can bring a change in our political system . We can take the example of 49 years old Justin Trudeau who is the prime minister of Canada for the 3rd time . Nepal has a lot to learn about the significance of young leaders from developed countries like Canada . Even I personally think our nation needs more of young leaders to improve and to get into better state. Nowadays we also observe that this step from Nepali Congress and made a huge impact impact within every political parties in Nepal .


What next ?

Moreover , Nepal government can make youths involve more in politics by different strategies. For example setting up a rule to put at least 5 young member in their respective comittee . The result of this step will surely be positive .As the experience of old members and creativity and ideas of youth ,the combination will be great . Hence , this will perhaps remove the instability of political system in future . Futhermore, Youthes should get the power and relative post . So that they can make our country a far better place to live . Hence , that will encourage youths to stay their own country.

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