Highest concentration of CO2 recorded in 3 million years of existence

September 25, 2021 by No Comments

Climate change is a big issue throughout the world. Each one of us is getting our necessities easily, this makes us not bother about anything else. We have no idea about the harm we have to the planet earth. It is an alarming situation now. If the correct measures regarding climate change are not made each one of us will have to see consequences.

On 24 September Friday, youths from different parts of the world raised their voices. These young people took part in the strike named Global Climate Strike. This strike took place in Berlin, Germany. This strike movement took place back in 2019 as well. However, this was the first mass gathering strike after the pandemic started.

The movement took place about five weeks before the official UN summit. The UN summit will have a gathering of popular big leaders. This movement hence wanted the attention of all renounced leaders. The aim of the movement is to make the leaders make immediate decisions regarding climate change. Climate change has always been a topic of discussion but the execution still remains undone. There should be an immediate change regarding greenhouse gasses emission by people all around the world.


The activists in the movement presented their views in front of the mass. A Swedish activist said that the current concentration of CO2 in the air is the highest in 3 million years. This shows the condition of planet earth is pathetic. However, we people are fine with driving old vehicles, using refrigerators and air conditioners as all we want are a comfort. An activist from Dhaka complained about the false promise made by political leaders regarding climate change. Many claimed that no political party has ever done enough for the environment.

An activist from Poland complained that their government has been blocking any type of climate-related discussions and protests. This gives a clear hint that no leader of the world has taken this issue to be important. Many said that a strike despite Covid19 conditions is important as this issue needs to come in sight of leaders.

This type of demonstration is likely to take place in almost 1500 locations all over the world. These locations also include Asian countries like the Philippines, Bangladesh, and many European cities and countries as well. After several warnings from UN science organizations as well no global measure has been taken. The reduction of global warming throughout the world is still a big question.

However, this strike movement from the youths all around the world will inspire many. We hope that these voices reach the government around the world. As a part of the planet, we don’t have to take part in big movements to bring change. Taking small measures and inspiring people near you can bring a little change. Switching to environmentally friendly products can help in reducing waste. If no serious decision is made by the leaders it could lead to the worst situations. We as citizens should make efforts so that global leaders join this fight against climate change.

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