New York UN General Assembly PHYSICAL or VIRTUAL

September 17, 2021 by 1 Comment

“Is it compulsory to become fully vaccinated?” becomes an important question among officials and state heads planning to gather in Ney York for UN General Assembly.

The New York officials previously announced that there are some criteria for entering the UN assembly hall in New York. That is vaccination of the officials. It will help in reducing the risk to every one. However, the U.N. chief does not have the same view regarding vaccination.

UN Chief Antonio Guterres is also not confident about leaders being vaccinated. On Wednesday, 15 September, he claims that renounced and big leaders of different cities will be coming. Hence, they cannot ask them for vaccination proof outside the hall. As well as one cannot deny the fact there are countries that do not have access to the vaccine.

According to Guterres most of the people in the meeting shall be fully vaccinated. Furthermore, he points to the fact that there still exists an inequity regarding the vaccine. He shows his nervousness about groups of unvaccinated people. As many more dangerous variants of the virus could come into existence. He said about the  ‘GLOBAL PLAN’ that aims of getting about 70percent of the population of the world vaccinated.

The meeting will have the occupancy of many heads of states and government, foreign ministers accompanied by many diplomats. However many leaders say that they will be attending the meeting virtually. They will be sending their statements in the form of videos to ensure safety from the coronavirus.

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There are various views regarding the statements made by Guterres during the interview on Wednesday.  De Blasio, New York Mayor on Wednesday itself said that he supports UN General Assembly President Abdullah Shahid. As he also agrees to the fact that vaccination proof should be compulsory and would work for the same. He also said that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine will be available outside the UN assembly hall. Vassily Nebenzia, Russian UN Ambassador told that the fully vaccinated criteria for entering the assembly hall are “discriminatory”. He also wrote a letter to the UN colleagues. According to the letter there will be a meeting regarding the issue. yet, there is no such meeting scheduled.

Further, there has been news of revaccinating the people with vaccines. The vaccines should be a WHO listed one is a compulsory criteria. Several debates regarding this have been an issue of the UN General Assembly as well. Hence “vaccination” becomes a major concern for both big leaders and the general public. This shows that the virus has not speared both the highs and lows.

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